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jamesnan | 08:45 Sat 12th Jan 2019 | News
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I genuinely feel sorry for people who are being stabbed, including the 14 year old who was pulled off his moped but - sorry - how come a 14 year old has his own moped and is allowed to ride it around when he is not old enough to have a licence and is therefore not insured anyway. I do not seem to have read anything about this at all.


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lots of speculation why he was on a moped.. this seems to be the MO for running drugs and kids are used by gangs to do their bidding...agree he ought not to have been on one to begin with, but still a very sad and tragic event
Another feral youth.
^^Possibly bred and encouraged by feral parents.^^
Not so innocent in my book, as his family are trying to make out! There are photos of him on the moped, giving a handgun sign. Live by the sword, die by the sword. It is a tradegy, but these 'kids' have sometime soon, along with the powers that be, got to wake up and realise where this is all heading! So much different in my day, knocking on doors and running away, scrumping apples, trying to pay half fair on the bus even though I was 16, was how we go our kicks!
It's sad that the part of society he lived in guided him into such activity. Paid the ultimate price for it.
Was all over the news, but nothing now. Think there's a lot more to this story to be told. From the reports I heard, 14 year old, non school attender, riding an unplated moped. IMO must be a drug link somewhere and drug dealers are apparently very territorial.
His family may not have known he was riding a moped.
We don't know the facts.
He could be as much a victim as the girls (and boys) groomed by sexual predators, lured in to drug running by older men with the promise of acceptance,
money, kudos and protection.
He could have been on a borrowed moped for the first time, just for the thrill of it and be a victim of mistaken identity.
He may simply have been a 'wrong un', dragged up with few prospects and no hope.

We'll get more information in time but I doubt we'll get the full picture.

We do know that children are being lured in to crime including drug running and are dying because of it. That is a shocking tragedy.
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Apparently he owned the moped, according to all reports I have read - why wasn't he stopped?
Jamesnan even if he owned the moped, it could not have been registered to him, he wasn't old enough.
mule for chrissakes
but that doesnt mean it is OK to stab and stab and stab ....
as he screams and cries for help
does it?
Apparently his father was involved with drugs and tried to get the lad to steer clear of them, without success apparently. It's the whole drugs/gang culture prevalent where these youngsters live. Until this can be changed, there will be more of these sad killings I'm afraid.
I think (only from news reports) that he was sent to relatives in Nottingham to try and get him out of the area, and his acquaintances, but he decided to return with the tragic consequences.

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