Will Those Government Employees In The U.s. Who

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Samuraisan | 10:58 Sat 12th Jan 2019 | News
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are not getting paid at the moment, get their back pay when this is all cleared up ? Or have they lost it ?


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Probably lost it as they haven't been working.
Most of them probably will end up getting some level of back pay. That's always been the norm with previous shutdowns, although since they usually don't drag on this long the effects are rarely that dramatic.

Once this shutdown ends, then both parties and the President will all agree with pretty much no fuss that the workers should get back the money they lost.
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through no fault of their own. I find it hard to believe that they won't.
Many airport staff are still working despite knowing they will miss their first paycheck.
I should just add to my previous answer that US rules require that legislation be passed to ensure that these workers get back their pay. However, it should be a non-partisan issue, so in principle it will take very little time and effort to agree the necessary legislation.
Bet he is still paying the Police Force, and the Armed Forces.
if they are direct employees they'll get all the back pay. Contractors etc will not.
Some will, some won't. Those working unpaid because they are vital will, those sent home not; as I understand it. The US labour laws are not as humane as the UK ones. Employers have a much freer hand to use folk as they see fit.
"The US labour laws are not as humane as the UK ones."

Nothing to do with labour laws per se.

Those who worked 'without pay' will receive back pay.
Those who were furloughed (sent home unpaid) must rely on Congress to authorise payment of their lost wages, as has happened after all previous shutdowns.
I wondered about that
employment law is much laxer in the land of the free ( here freedom not to be paid) - and if you only get paid if you work and you arent working ....
my head hurts

In the 'pule ( liverpool that is!) when the admin went on strike and housing wasnt paid, then every one who was chucked out on account of non payment of rent got paid back er in full
but of course they were still out on the street .....
// Nothing to do with labour laws per se. //
o god - sorry AB speak - oh gawd as Nigh sighs - who write this

employment contracts and pay has everything to do with labour laws - jesus
( because if you dont get paid and want to get paid then you have to go to a court and sue - think Judge Judy and all rise and so on)
"employment contracts and pay has everything to do with labour laws - jesus"

But are irrelevant when the US Constitution makes it illegal to process payment where no budget exists for that payment.
Sounds to me that their Constitution covers some labour law issues, then.
Trump and all those causing the stand off should not be paid until Government services resume
Trump, at least, already effectively doesn't get paid, since he donates his salary to charity.
I was talking to some TSA girls yesterday. They haven't accrued any pay for 3 weeks and missed their first pay cheque on Friday. They volunteered to go into work. God knows what would happen if they didn't. It's quite worrying and I hope someone doesn't decide to exploit the situation and try to smuggle something onboard an aircraft.

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Will Those Government Employees In The U.s. Who

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