14 Year Old Stabbed To Death After A Moped Crash

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bednobs | 11:02 Wed 09th Jan 2019 | News
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awful story, but what on earth was a 14 year old doing riding a moped in the first place?


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Joyriding or delivering drugs I would guess
That's a horrible area. That a 14 year old was riding a moped is the least of its worries.
Why was he riding the moped though? Evidently it wasn't his.. Need to be two whole years older to tax / insure and be legally allowed to ride it.. So it goes back to why was the kid, who.. Obviously can't ride a moped, riding am oped on the streets?

It is very unfortunate that he crashed.. But more so, unfortunate he had to crash into such absolute scum. No idea how certain members of the population sleep at night let alone walk about their day without constant fear of being arrested or battered.
You can purchase a 2nd hand moped at any age. Does’nt mean the rider will bother to tax/insure it. Minor technicalites for a kid in a high crime area!!!!
With reports of moped mugging gangs, drug dealers and gang warfare in the area, it seems more likely to me that the kid was deliberately knocked off his moped and killed.
technicalities regardless of importance are the foundation of our society.

Maybe if he stuck to the law he wouldn't have crashed into a gang of knife wielding hooligans.

I'm not trying to say it's the kids fault, of course this is disgraceful ans terrible but the 14 year old is not completely innocent is he
It certainly tops my 'smoking under age behind the bike sheds' 60 years ago, how times change!!
In those days, St P, it would have been your mother who killed you.
another normal day in Dodge it seems.
Police in my city are cracking down on youngsters riding around on mopeds - untaxed and uninsured I would guess. Difficult one to solve.
A few years ago the government said that they were going to crack down on knife crime, yeah right!!
Why can't they just change the law, anyone caught just carrying a knife will get 10 years, no ifs, buts or maybes, and if they use a knife to threaten, injure or kill someone, its 20 years!
Stop and search should be stepped up, more police on the streets in these areas, clamp down on this gang culture, etc etc, its not rocket science, kids are dying on our streets NOW!
//anyone caught just carrying a knife will get 10 years, no ifs, buts or maybes, and if they use a knife to threaten, injure or kill someone, its 20 years! //

just one problem - where are you going to put these newly-convicted felons? so crowded are the prisons already that the judiciary will come under even more pressure not to hand down custodial sentences.
well for one, we could get everyone who isn't a danger to society and let them free. Those who are, can take their place.
It's pretty obvious that when it all shakes out, nobody with any power or authority really cares.

Cheaper to let them fight it out then collar the few winners.

The refurb of historic buildings won't pay for itself.
mushroom25 ..... cram them into cells 3, 4 or 5 at a time, who cares, prison is meant to be a punishment not a holiday, make it as uncomfortable as possible for them, the old saying springs to mind, if you can't do the time, don't do the crime!
This really horrified me, more like the violence you see on films. From the outset my understanding is the boy was deliberately knocked off his moped and then stabbed and highly likely to be gand related, at 144 too :-( I don't know what the answer is but something MUST be done to stamp out this free flowing violence, it's almost become culturally accepted.
Imagine a white schoolboy suffering this in a shire town - Dorchester for example - would be absolutely unheard of.
oo some typos there - gang and 14
I'm with BHG at 1045 on this one. Possibility of a vigilante group doing the deed ??
As bhg stated earlier ,I have just heard on the radio that, the police have declared this assassination a targeted attack. No surprise there considering the area and particular crimes involved.
London Moped Gangs. Waltham Forest has 11+ gangs. Alot on YouTube about it.

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14 Year Old Stabbed To Death After A Moped Crash

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