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Vaccine Passports

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Khandro | 11:39 Fri 16th Jul 2021 | Current Affairs
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I'm cutting & pasting in a letter from this morning's Telegraph on vaccine passports:

[i] 'It is not that much of a jump to a totalitarian regime'
@Carolyn Bates:

"I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined we are on the brink of this; it is not that much of a jump to a totalitarian regime and mandatory vaccination.

"If we do not rise up against this now, we will only have ourselves to blame. That a Conservative prime minister and Government could even consider what it looks like they will now do, is shocking.

"I have already written to my MP and advised him that unless he makes a stand for his constituents, he can forget about receiving my vote again.

"For forty two years I have voted Conservative and to see what is now going on is terrifying." [i]

Do you think vaccine passports would lead towards a totalitarian regime ?


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In the current climate, if you want to go on holiday, they are a good thing.

I think VPs are inevitable and necessary so we don't let the THB drag us down. Personally I'd make every establishment over a certain size insist on them for entry. All public transport should check. Time we stopped humouring the morons and got on with life.
There should be no vaccine passports for anything in the UK. Those that want it have been given it those that choose not to will no doubt (in the main) weighed up the risk to themselves and chosen not to. Discriminating between two groups would create a two tier society and it could also be seen as coercion to have a vaccine, is that even legal?

Of course for travel abroad it is a different matter and depends on the views of the country travelling to and their rules.

oh and before the contrarians say what about those that can't have it yada yada ...? well they'll get one if they have a valid medical exemption.
Vaccines against cholera and yellow fever among others have been a requirement for safe travel to some countries for many years. Vaccines for children to enter school have also been a requirement. I am very happy to present a Covid vaccine certificate and would like to know the person sitting next to me is also vaccinated. Air travel has contributed to the spread of Covid and if the airlines or country I am visiting require this and I want to trave so be it
I can understand why people would be worried...
I too am happy to have a VP
will we all be murdered in our beds again?

well - you have put it on aryanbank - if you email and ask the KKK do you think the set of answers wd be different?
OK I only put that in to vex the pinko wets on AB
Question Author
I think this lady sounds a bit hysterical. Everybody in Germany has a passbook in which all vaccines are registered; you can see if you are up to date with everything, most recently the two covid jabs were added. I took it with me when I had to go over into France last month in case it was needed (it wasn't). I don't feel as if I'm living in a 'totalitarian regime'. What's the problem?
Totally agree with her and I too have written to my MP and know others who have done so as well. Not opposed to them for travelling abroad, it's the ones they are talking about for entry to a pub or restaurant I am opposed to. The day that happens, if it does, is the day I stop going to pubs and restaurants and entertain at home. Some pubs, I know, will refuse to take part and good for them !
I only agree to the travel part, not for pubs etc
" well they'll get one if they have a valid medical exemption."

Who told you that?
And what exactly qualifies as "a valid medical exemption"?

Well you lot voted the prat into power , enjoy.
// Who told you that?
And what exactly qualifies as "a valid medical exemption"?

very very few - anaphylactic response to the first dose I think

yellow card system there are 28 000 cards filled out - I felt woozy-woo after my shot x 28000
and NONE of those will qualify - oh OK had a cerebral venous thrombosis after my first sbot is No 2
And the other prat, Hancock who spent months telling lies is more than likely laughing all the way to the bank with his shady deals for friends, and his fancy bit. I wonder how long he's been double crossing his own wife and kids?
I would accept other countries' demands for a vaccine passport - their country, their laws. I would not and never will, accept compulsory vaccination in order to live normally in the UK. I shall also be writing to my M.P..

Yes, the introduction of these would provide the thin end of the wedge to open the possibility of a totalitarian regime. Once the technology has been established for such control it is easy to see how it can be extended.

Sounds stupid but try this scenario: unwanted teenage pregnancies are a bad thing; they harm the girls concerned by blighting their chances and they harm society with the expense and likelihood that they will become problem families causing harm to society and perpetuating deprivation etc., etc.. To stop this, all girls from the age of 13 must have regular contraceptive injections in order to access education (which is a legal requirement).

I know this sounds stupid - but is it such a big step? You can easily think of other extrapolations.
Re: valid exemptions. OH is 'yellow-carded'. G.P. is wary of him having a booster. Reaction made his and my life a misery for 6 months. Bet that doesn't count.
Now don't get personal gulliver.

The whiting is on the wall. ;)
Thanks for the answer PP... the ad hominem man seldom justifies anything.( mmm TTT )

Yes the Yellow Card Sham - "The Yellow Card scheme is a mechanism by which anybody can voluntarily report any suspected adverse reactions or side effects to the vaccine" -
is another 'veneer' and distraction like the 'democracy' scam.

see page 10 of this officialese:

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