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Canary42 | 10:49 Sun 11th Jul 2021 | Current Affairs
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With a world-wide pandemic still raging, and deaths rising every day from the new variant, what are we concentrating on.

A piddly little football match of little real significance whatever (where of course super-spreading the virus by cowardly anti-vacs will be rampant).

Classic Ostrich behaviour.

Oh no, huff puff, it's good for morale (or a handy smokescreen for Govt sleaze and incompetence)


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Bread and circuses distract many from the real issues.
If England do win you will be thinking it is a good day to bury bad news then Canary? ;)
In the words of the late, great Freddie Mercury, "The show must go on."
Classic Ostrich behaviour.

That's a myth ya gonk.
I would hate to lead the life you sad.
I have a certain amount of sympathy for your post Canary, if IF England win, it will be only European championship NOT the world Cup which IS big deal.

As for "Freedom day"......the great British public has already made up its mind to remove restrictions completely and "let the devil take the hindmost.

I think Italy will win 2-0....
Sqad restrictions removed completely? I think there's yet again some more dribbling going on in government according to what I've been hearing this morning, regarding mask wearing, looks like Boris has lost his bottle, allowing businesses to dictate to us their own laws.
^^ Now that WILL create a war.
teacake......if I could clarify.........I agree that the removal of restrictions may well be modified by the Government,but whatever, the "public " has already made a dash for freedom.........according to the views of Mrs sqad in our seaside abode,
The Euros is a big thing, sqad. The World Cup, of course, is bigger, but to a nation starved of footballing success, Euro 2020 is the biggest thing in the lifetime of fans too young to recall '66. In my most humble of opinions, of course.
" it will be only European championship NOT the world Cup which IS big deal."

Nothing in football is a "big deal" for me - it's just a sport I don't watch.
Are you ever happy, Canary?
I'm not surprised. We've spent about 16 months concentrating on a pandemic, all day every day... and very little else. Anyone who isn't aware of it by now, probably won't be too much affected by a bit of sport instead. Others, will probably just want a change. Mental health is good too.
//super-spreading the virus by cowardly anti-vacs will be rampant//
Any evidence of that?
It seem's like your not aware of the arrangements for vaccinne proof and negative tests to go to Wembley.

if you’re going to Wembley Stadium
For the approximately 60,000 ticket holders who will be admitted to stadium – which will be at 75% capacity – those aged 11 or over will need to show proof that they have been fully vaccinated 14 days before a game or a negative coronavirus test.

The former can be demonstrated using the NHS app, while proof of a negative test should be on the basis of lateral flow test from the previous 48 hours.

Face coverings must be worn on entry to the stadium and in all indoor areas and can be taken off only when seated in view of the pitch.

A Uefa “what to bring” checklist reminds fans bringing their own hand sanitiser that the bottle shouldn’t be larger than 50ml.

… if you’re going to a fan zone
While many councils have been on the receiving end of anger for not creating designated public zones with big screens, an official Uefa fan zone is located at Trafalgar Square, with 500 tickets allocated by a ballot.

No proof of a Covid-19 test is required to enter but 2m social distancing should be observed and fans have to check in via the NHS test and trace app.

Those attending fan zones such as Preston’s – for which tickets have sold out – will be required to provide evidence of a negative lateral flow test.
sandyRoe : "Bread and circuses distract many from the real issues."

They are taught to be followers... monkeys see monkeys do.

No evidence of the "super-spreading the virus by cowardly anti-vacs" then I see... standard fare for this AnswerBlank benchmark.
I'd sack em all off if were you 7op. There's other sites where you can get the answers you want
"There's other sites where you can get the answers you want"

Have you got evidence of that, bobbin? ;) ;) ;]

Not to get into an AH debate, I realize we can all be 'divided by a common language'/diverse interpretations, and ALL can make mistakes; the answers that I 'want' are the true facts; this evading a reply, to what?, save face ?, seems cowardly.

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