What Are We Having/Had For Dinner?

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ummmm | 19:01 Thu 17th Jun 2021 | Food & Drink
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I'm having salmon fillet tray bake. It's in the oven, looks quite nice.


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Dal and a few poppadoms.
Fish, new potatoes & salad.
He had meatballs patas bravas and olive bread.
I had scampi
They had slow cooked ham in honey and mustard with crushed potatoes and green beans, I had the ham with jacket potato and salad.
I'm having one of my favourite dinners.

Heinz Cream of Chicken soup and toast with Mackays Strawberry jam. All washed down with chilled river Tay tap water.

Marinated drumsticks, Aunt B's crinkly chips n beans. Dip ya bread in !
Wolf, not together surely??!!

I am having a Chinese takeaway, the works. Ribs, balls, spring rolls, noodles and for me hoisin sauce!
Tin of salmon on french bread. Yuck.
Salmon fillet tray bake sounds good Ummmm, where’s the recipe from?
We’re having salmon pea and sweet potato frittata again, with new potatoes and broccoli this time as we have visitors who need filling up :)
Pie, chips and gravy ..
Oh, and Crement de Loire fizz, preceded by a couple of g&ts.
Bit of a celebration in one way as two relatives in Barcelona have both had their jabs earlier than anticipated by three months.
Was going to have teriyaki chicken salad with Kewpie dressing but I`ve caved in and its going to be a pizza. Will be good and have the salad tomorrow.
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Vagus - from this but tweaked it to our taste. Very nice.
Ooh, thanks Ummmm, really does sound lovely. I’d be interested to know what you think of it.
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It's lovely. I just had a second portion :-)
Italian roast chicken, Dauphinoise spuds and steamed green veg....(beans, broccoli tips and heart cabbage).
Right ho, that’s one to add to my list, thanks Ummmm.
Pizza, Chicago Town, 20 mins in the oven!

Went to Ikea after work to order a small double bed and Curry's to have another look at American fridge freezers and not long back home. Too knackered to cook.
Fish and chips, followed by lemon meringue pie and a decaff cappuccino in Morrison's café.

I really know how to live life to the full, don't I?
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I only made it because my son came home very drunk and went through the freezer and left the salmon out.

ps: he's not a drinker, we were at a funeral

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What Are We Having/Had For Dinner?

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