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NoMercy | 20:42 Tue 27th Oct 2015 | Body & Soul
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Do you believe in its powers? I'd be really interested to hear your opinions.


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Interesting article NoMercy if you are interested
21:05 Wed 28th Oct 2015
Well, I can clear a room with one
Oops, sorry, misread the title
You've misread the S as an R, panky.
What powers?
I think it depends on the type of fasting...severely reduced calories for two days a week...intermittent- a "window " of 8 hours where food is consumed...a 24 hour or more fast with water only. There are quit a few methods and all work differently.
No it is stupid.

Two headlines ...

‘My manager told me to choose between fasting or playing – I chose to fast’ - how Muslim footballers including Mesut Ozil and Amr Zaki approach Ramadan

Arsenal's Mesut Ozil opts against fasting for Ramadan as Germany prepare for 'hard labour' against Algeria

There is a reason why he turned his back on Ramadam!
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But can anyone say they've experienced good health benefits from it?

I've been doing some research about fasting in both humans and dogs and the general consensus is that it can confer amazing health benefits, particularly when fighting chronic illness.
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Talbot, there is a distinct lack of scientific evidence in that statement...
How long are you talking about?
limiting one's carb intake on a regular basis, yes.
Well, I suppose because humans haven`t evolved from being hunter gatherers it must be natural to go for a day or so without food. I`m not sure it would do that much harm. Isn`t the 5:2 diet a variation on that?
Mesut Ozil is a live case study, everytime he indulged in fasting he was rubbish for his football team. Even he must now think it was folly.
But on the 5:2 diet they are still getting approx 500 cals.
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Alfie has Leishmaniasis and has been on systemic meds for years and most recently underwent chemotherapy. He experienced relief from his arthralgia but has had ongoing runny, watery and painful eyes and at one point his one eye fused together. I fasted him yesterday and stopped his commercial pet food (tinned dog meat and dry mixer). Tonight he had a small portion of raw organic human-grade meat with some mixed veg. I've stopped all his medication.

His eyes have stopped streaming already and he's not shaking his head violently (which he was doing because of all the mucous and black yeasty wax in his ears).

In summary, he's looking better already.
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Talbot, advocates of fasting have never recommended strenuous exercise during fasting, so your point is moot. The whole purpose of fasting is to rest the body so the immune system can regenerate itself.
tried him on liver yet, my sister's Irish loves fresh liver and really benefits from it, hip problems being his issue, aged 11....and it's cheap viz dog food.
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Oh yes, he's had liver occasionally for years, but mixed with dry food and I've always cooked it up for him.

I'm now starting him on raw meat and veg and I'm going to combine it with intermittent fasting and monitor the situation.
Would fasting get rid of the wax in his ears that was making him shake his head? I can`t imagine that it would
that's what they do NoM, a very dry biscuit, also some fresh mackerel or sardines for the oils.....

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