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NoMercy | 20:42 Tue 27th Oct 2015 | Body & Soul
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Do you believe in its powers? I'd be really interested to hear your opinions.


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Interesting article NoMercy if you are interested
21:05 Wed 28th Oct 2015
Dogs are greedy beggars. How is he reacting to fasting?
Does that include forced fasting waiting in hospital for an operation which is subsequently cancelled the next day after what should have been Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner again? Not even offered a glass of water before being ejected.
Think my poor body has suffered enough in the past.
Give him a bone and try to take it off him... that'll tell you what he thinks!
now can we see talbo on a liver, mackerel/sardines and dog biscuit diet?

Recipes to support him please.....
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Ummmm....He was a bit put out but when he got some food this evening he enjoyed it and he's gone to sleep tonight without begging for treats every 5 minutes.

A lot of my Doctor colleagues at work swear by fasting and two of them who were chronically I'll with rheumatoid arthritis are now off-treatment :)
I suspect that the improvement is not the fasting but the improvement in food quality. Would you mind posting the links to your research please?
I did the 5:2 Fasting diet for about10 months last year and lost 10 kilos. Actually on the Fasting Day I used to feel very well.
But I am not sure if the question is about humans or dogs .
woofgang, for most of us on protracted diets. I think that quality of food intake and watching what goes into your body goes hand in hand. I've been on a min carbs for ten months and recently relaxed it at the edges (still no bread, rice or pasta and min spuds), over 3 stone down but very attentive to what goes into me, a lot more greens etc and way over the 5 or 7 a day....

Unless Noms partner begs for treats every 5 minutes I think it's about a Dog.
woof, balders.....
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Woofgang, I'm presently reading "Fasting and Eating for Health (A Medical Doctor's Programme For Conquering Disease)" by Joel Fuhrman. It's fascinating and the book explains what actually happens at a cellular level once we embark about a fast. Nearly all cases where there have been years of self-abuse are completely reversible with fasting.

Tests have been done on various animals and fasting has been found to be beneficial and prolong life in all species.

A lot of Doctors now believe that fasting is the future in fighting disease as systemic medication does not cure chronic illness, it only ameliorates the symptoms. Fasting has been found to cure and reverse disease, eat tumours and scar tissue and remove the need for biologic and cytotoxic medications.
Dont; know what powers what you would be looking for but yes I can fast very well
Sounds as if the change of diet may have been as beneficial as the fasting. Have you considered that he may have a dietery intolerence to some of the ingredients of the pet food that he normally has?
I've had to fast a few times for 24 hours...does wonders for the appetite.
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Hi Jom,

Yes I think there was an allergic element to his ongoing symptoms but that's not the cause of his visceral disease.

I'm interested in how the fasting is going to affect his Leishmania.
Joel Fuhrman. is a Quack whose 'Scientific' studies are based on less than 500 'willing patients'. (buy his hardback book on fasting to health at the bargain price of $255.
If fasting cured RA the NHS and even private healthcare providers would be using it as a 'cheap alternative' to costly biometric and main stream DMARDS.

until last year I was a very fit athletic slim woman who ate very little meat and lots of healthy fruit and veg. My auto-immune system decided to fight me - so are you saying if I fast for so many days a month I will be 'cured'? ...Tell me more....
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Ah retro has arrived with her considered opinion.

Furhman is not the only Medical Doctor to do years of research into fasting.

As for your assertion that the NHS would be using it by now if there was any stock in it, the Medical world is really only just waking up to the incredible healing powers of fasting which is why many Medical Doctors believe this is the FUTURE of fighting chronic illness.

As for whether you'd achieve a cure through fasting...There's only one way to find out.

Oh and fasting once or twice weekly is purely a maintenance regime. You would have to undertake a much more prolonged initial fast, supervised by a Medical Doctor, with a strictly controlled dietary intake prior to the initial fast, to make a difference with a condition like yours. You can't expect your body to repair itself in a day!
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Oh and I paid less than £10 for my copy on Amazon...
Life's too short to not eat what you want when you want

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