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Intermittent Fasting

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wolf63 | 22:46 Mon 22nd Apr 2024 | Body & Soul
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I am on day five of my diet.  I am attempting to follow the 8/16 intermittent fasting method.

i have watched a few of Jason Fung's videos and I understand the basics.  It is an appropriate diet for my health problems

does anyone have experience of intermittent fasting? Or any hints to help me stick to it.





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It worked for me several years ago, but i've no idea of the health implications, sorry.


Sticking to it is hard for 50% of the time, and beware of bingeing during the other 50%.



There's no miracle to it. Like all diets it employs a method to restrict calories. In this case time.

What are your health problems?

The only intentional fasting I do tends to be between 23:00 and 08:30. It seems to work for me. If you are doing differently I think it must be just a case of getting used to it. Durely it must improve after getting over any early morning hump.

Surely !!!

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TTT, my body makes too much insulin, (Metabolic Syndrome)n and I am also now diabetic.  It is all interconnected.

Canary & OG, I am more bored than hungry.  I will have to keep myself busy.  Overnight 18:00-09:00 is my ideal fasting period.  

I could kill a cup oh hot, sweet tea about now.


Personally, I stop eating at 9, and my first actual meal may be as late as 4pm. But I'm not really fasting as I have coffee with cream at about 11:30 am. So my fasting period is 14+hours. I think I read years ago that women should have a bigger eating window than men. I know Jason Fung is one of the experts when it comes to fasting.

Have you thought of trying low carb or keto? The 2 are often combined with great success. And no...contrary to some stories,  keto does not require eating huge amounts of fat. It works due to severe reduction of carbohydrates. 

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Pasta, he is brilliant but I find that he has a really boring voice.

I don't normally eat after dinner so the earlier start suits me.

Not eating overnight sounds simple.  But it means no 2am munchie visits to the fridge.


Ooops, I've misunderstood, I was referring to a 1 fast day in 2 diet. Soz.

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My aim is low carb and fasting together.  But for now I just want to get into a routine.

Canary...there are different variations of fasting. Daily is the easiest for most people.

Give it time'll soon kill those cravings. Cut the carbs...carbohydrates convert to sugar and cause the pancreas to produce insulin. That's why more doctors are encouraging low carb diets for diabetes. 

Susan, have the tea, just each time you have a cup reduce the amount of sweetness. 

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AA, I drink two to three cups of tea a week so the sugar is not a major issue..  I like my tea hot and sweet.  

I went on a low carb diet years ago.  I became very depressed.  My bipolar disorder has settled in recent years but I am wary of cutting carbs too much.  I can't take my mood stabiliser (Lithium) any more due to it attacking my muscles and kidneys.  The thought of suffering from clinical depression again terrifies me.

I am off to try and get some sleep - after a visit to the fridge water dispenser.



I haven't eaten between my dinner at roughly 5pm at my bowl of porridge between 8 and 9 am for years, I didn't realise it had a label.

I do it to keep my type 2 diabetes in remission but I also eat a relatively restricted diet

For your sweet cuppa, use Stevia-based sweeteners.  Unlike most other sweeteners, they don't leave a nasty aftertaste and, if you buy the supermarket own-brand ones, they're really cheap too:

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Thanks, Chris - I have Stevia at the bottom of my handbag.  I may find it someday.

I am a walking heart attack just now - massively overweight, HBP and kidneys failing.  Can this diet do any more harm?  

I am now going to have my lunch/dinner. 😀



13:42...I saw an analysis of this paper about a month ago. There are many things wrong with it including how data was collected and how the outcome was reported. 

It's based on people reporting what they ate...a notoriously poor method for collecting data as it relies on memory and honesty. 

Wolf - re the Keto diet, my FIL is doing this at the moment and doing v well with it. He's definitely lost weight- no fasting but a reduction in the carbs as Pasta says. So for things like a home made burger with salad, he will do MIL a normal burger bun with the burger inbetween, but he will have something like two of those giant mushrooms grilled, and use them like a bun...... he gets on v well with it in general.

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I remember mentioning the Keto diet to my GP and he wasn't in favour of it.  I might have a look and see if it would help. 



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