Has Anyone Had Any Experience Dating A Romanian Guy?

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celinemc | 22:24 Tue 27th Oct 2015 | Body & Soul
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ive been dating my boyfriend for a year and sometimes find him to be quite pushy and harsh on subjects i bring up.I.e. Im learning how to do makeup atm and he will give me a lecture on practicing the skill but he does it in quite a pushy manner. I know hes doing it for my best interest but it can seem quite abrupt at times.
So girls, just wanted to know if youd ever dated a romanian and what was your experience?


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No I haven't - if he's making you feel uncomfortable he's not the right man for you.

Not keen on that phrase 'He's doing it for my best interest' , he's not your parent or teacher.

Take care.
I don't think that behaviour is confined to Romanian males......what Mamya very careful!
No but I have some Romanian friends. They are blunt and to the point, no faffing around wasting words. Lovely people nonetheless...
I must add my advice would have been the same whatever his nationality.
Not saying all Romanian people are lovely just my first impression of my friends was that they were rude....but once I got to know them I started to find their bluntness quite funny and soon realised they were really nice people.

I think it's the language translation.
Definitely does not sound like a keeper
If he is abrupt and pushy now he is not likely to change
Can you live with that?
Are you sure he's Romanian? sounds to me as if he is from Yorkshire.
Eastern Europeans have a different culture.
That makes rude, controlling behaviour acceptable?
Are you only young celinemc?
-- answer removed --
Daisy, no, it doesn't. Just saying that western ladies need to be aware of that.
One or two dates should make that obvious
What are you saying, Naomi?
Love is blind - until you put your glasses on.
^That was to Daisy.

Ummmm, in my experience in Eastern Europe men are men and women are in their place. A very old fashioned society in general.
That^ question is dated Tue 08th Sep 2015. The OP has been with this boyfriend for a year. My advice, get rid and move on.
Fair enough. I couldn't form an opinion on that as we only see our friends in public and we all know that no-one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

Although our mate (Irish) is married to a Romanian lady and she's def the boss. She's a good woman though.
Oh.... the gambler :-(

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Has Anyone Had Any Experience Dating A Romanian Guy?

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