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NoMercy | 20:42 Tue 27th Oct 2015 | Body & Soul
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Do you believe in its powers? I'd be really interested to hear your opinions.


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Interesting article NoMercy if you are interested
21:05 Wed 28th Oct 2015
Why be nasty NOM just because someone does not agree with you?

I hope by starving your dog you achieve what you set out to do -me I prefer to go down the mainstream medical pathways to try and control my disease, with perhaps a bit of 'Complimentary' thrown in for good measure.

If starving cured all ills there would be a lot of very healthy people in third world countries would not they?
Nah, give it thirty-six hours......

To me, it comes down to sensible eating and, for example, if you have an indulgent breakfast (minus carbs), to follow it with a lunch of, maybe an apple or a wee chunk of good cheeses(s)......basically, not to overdo it.

In my case, it could be a bowl of porridge with blueberries or the cancer diet (once a week) of bacon, sausage, hog's pudding, mush, toms and scramble eggs (no toast, soda-bread or hash-browns) followed by just an apple around 2pm, and then a min-carb meal for dinner....
Leave your dogs out of your faddish dietary habits NoMercy.
They don't understand and I very much doubt they benefit from it.
Can you name these lots of doctors who agree?
I really dislike people who throw human invented new age nonsense at their pets.
Question Author
Do you mean the third world countries where there's no clean running water and water-borne diseases are rife and crops are being destroyed by locusts. There's a huge difference between fasting and famine.

Also, what have I said that was nasty? I was addressing the points you raised in your previous post. I suspect you've just got your wooden spoon out as per...

Also I haven't starved my dog, I've fasted him. I've done this in order to see whether I can give him relief from his chronic illness without subjecting him to further gruelling chemotherapy and all the associated side effects.

If you wish to continue with mainstream toxic meds, that's your call.

I await your response with baited breath...
Mainstream toxic meds saved my life. I doubt your approach would have.
Your serve.
Question Author
Grow-up quizproquo!

If anyone is interested in an Alfie update, the mucous in his ears is very much reduced and his breath is nowhere near as bad. The ulcers on his tongue have almost disappeared and the erythema in his gums is almost gone.
^...... but he's also *** starving
Nom -and all this is due to lack of food? Or is he having other treatments?
Grow up?
Have you consulted your vet about this?
YOU are the one giving your dog faddish nonsense without expert advice.
I would suggest that it's you who needs to grow up.
Don't be so rude. You asked my opinion.
Its you that needs to grow up NOM -Mainstrean toxic drugs by injection are allowing me to maintain a modicum of independence. Hello I'll just stop eating and be cured - now that is mad.
Question Author
Mainstream toxic meds save lives everyday, quizproquo, I work in Oncology.

What fasting does, according to the Medical Experts, is reverse and prevent disease and the need for toxic meds is removed. A vast number of my Doctor colleagues agree with the research and overwhelming findings and they themselves fast intermittently. A could give you the names of my colleagues in Rheumatology, Oncology and Haematology but then you could Google and find out where I work.

Anyone remember what happened to Salla?
NOM, if it was my dog, I'd have him put to sleep. He seems to have so many problems.
Interesting article NoMercy if you are interested
Nom, why don't Muslims live longer than non Muslims if this fasting is so good?
NM, I changed my dog's diet to complete raw food which comes frozen in 500g packs and the difference in him has been startling. There are two that I recommend, Natural Instinct and Nutriment. It is not messy, doesn't smell horrible, once defrosted stays fresh in the fridge for 3 days at a time. You feed your dog between 2 - 3% of his ideal bodyweight a day. It has no allergens in it and you don't need to feed anything else. My dog took one day to get used to it and now leaps up at the bowl as I am dishing it out. Please please give it a try, I can't praise it highly enough.

Here is a dog food comparison chart and you will see that both the brands I mention come very highly recommended with no rubbish in them. See how the brand you are feeding now compares to the ones I have recommended. Best thing I ever did for him.

Just try it for a month and see how you go. x
If this is considered good practice for your dog, I'd like to see the links to //the medical experts// who approve. Do you have one?
Answer the question NOM -is your dog receiving any other medication for his condition or is his 'cure' due entirely to Fasting -

I await your response with baited breath
Question Author
Joke, he's not starving he's intermittently fasting and yes I consulted my vet who thought it was worth a try! He's seen benefits from fasting other dogs under his care. Oh and he told me he fasts himself....
Does baited breath come from having a worm on a fish hook in your mouth?
Still awaiting the your dog on any other medication?

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