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fruitsalad | 11:21 Wed 12th Jun 2019 | Animals & Nature
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Who would a dog consider it's master to be, if husband and wife share the chores, i.e. walking, feeding etc and spend equal amounts of time with it.


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the hysteria is rife.

Mamy, i'd prefer a well constructed answer to "You are wrong" and that is that.

I don't think i am wrong actually, in fact i know i'm not.

If you think dominance = abuse.. you're hysterical.

dominance is power, to feed, to walk, to get the dog to move. It's not smacking them till they do what you want.
Ken, taking the dog for a walk is an act of dominance.
Spath, you are talking rubbish,not every dog owner dominates the dog.
Love it when people disagree with you they are suffering from hysteria!
Are you related to my ex wife, spath. She would also argue her point without applying any logic whatsoever. I can see this stretching as long as your 'Whacko' debate a sort while back, so i'll slip my leash.
If you try and dominate Jess she shuts down, instead if you treat her with love and care then you have a dog that gives love back and is faithful. Colin is just a old boy in a middle aged body who requires very little handling at all.
your answer, RR at 09:42 Fri 14th Jun 2019 - straight hysteria.
I like Ken's thinking,I'll snaffle a biscuit and head back to bed.
How RR see's dominance - shooting a gun at a dog, locking them in sheds.

What i mean when i say dominance... Eat before them - set the pace and direction when walking - have them on a leash - maintain higher ground - not moving out the way for them or letting them lay in your way
Thats not hysteria spath thats several examples showing you (who states they have never owned a dog) what dominance can do to an animal!
But hey you know best - I don't tell you how to cut a bit of grass so don't tell me how to train dogs!
Spathyphyllum "I don't think i am wrong actually, in fact i know i'm not. "

And that is why there is no point discussing it with you.
I'm not telling you what to do in the slightest.
While dogs, for the most part, obey their owners (and we don't see owners being forced by dogs to do what their dogs want) one can assume a pecking (or should that be barking) order. One would need research to support any idea that there is no leader of the group, and dogs consider themselves equal (or superior) to their owners.
OG you are assuming that dogs understand the concepts of equality and superiority.
OG " (and we don't see owners being forced by dogs to do what their dogs want)"

Rofl at that one
I have just shared by brunch with my hounds because they wanted it.
Course we don't. Now please excuse me while I take my dog out for a walk. He will then stop pacing backwards and forwards from me to the door and then sitting staring into my eyes longingly;-)
All dogs aren't the same; some have it in them to be Alpha (leader) dogs and some have it in them to be submissive (followers). Once the order is sorted out it will remain like that and they will be happy (or resigned) to know their place.
actually khandro that's not true either. In a group of dogs, different dogs will take charge at different times for different reasons....even the membership of the group may not be stable...dogs choose to leave or join.
it depends on who snarls - do the house work !

altho from Balders - it sounds as tho one has identified the lady as needing guarding. [ when I had my hip replaced a dog being house-sat up the road, ( pit bull) said - oh no I know where I want to be ! and sat on the sofa arm guarding me ( 2 weeks )
I thought it must have smelt the blood

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