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fruitsalad | 11:21 Wed 12th Jun 2019 | Animals & Nature
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Who would a dog consider it's master to be, if husband and wife share the chores, i.e. walking, feeding etc and spend equal amounts of time with it.


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woofie more modern .....
there is a viddie of a hosue dog leading a packa wolves
clearly not stable
and the pack moved on leaving the house dog

( weird I know - somewhere on the internet)

Desmondo Morris who is selling up this week -said alpha dogs are usually bitches - or lorenz
You're right, dogs choose the "alpha" with a democratic election.
Spath, and how does a single dog in a household do that?
The other dogs in the neighbourhood provide a postal vote.
Dogs are pure love and all they want is to be loved back. I involve my dog in everything I do, as I have done with all my dogs, and she responds willingly and happily because she KNOWS she is loved. Dogs ask us for so little and give so much in return and I know that I have weathered many storms having a little (or large) dog by my side and I would not have it any other way. Dominate a dog ??? I would rather rub my behind with a brick (one of my dear old Grandma's favourite sayings)! Excuse me spath and Clarion while I just go and tell my lovely dog how much I love her, again.
You choose to grant their request, they don't force you.
If chickens have a pecking order, so understand a hierarchy, are dogs less intelligent ?
I don't see why people are connotation dominance with violence.

Someone has to be in charge

The act of feeding and walking your dog is showing dominance. You are in charge, you are the domonent alpha.

It does not mean wrestling your dog to prove you could beat it up.

I'm unsure why i even have to explain this.
OG, if you introduce a chicken to a chicken pen which has been established for a week or more, the chickens will fight to show who is the alpha, and to get their pecking order correct. I agree with everything you've said. It's the nature for more animals than just dogs and chickens also. It's the nature for chimps, to establish dominance in a family or group.
But dogs are domesticated spath. That's the difference.

And I'm not arguing with you about that.
I'm unsure what you mean by that ladybirder.

"But dogs are domesticated spath. That's the difference. "

Cat's are domesticated and will still strive for dominance.
Check out "The source of dominance" and "Identifying the leader"
No dog lover worth their salt would listen to that moron Caesar Milan
Well his techniques obviously work, and they wouldn't if his fundamental knowledge on dogs was wrong.
He bullies dogs and gets results through fear, again I will go back to my original statement you are not a dog owner and have no experience and are quoting what you find on the net. As one of the other Abers said you are wrong
Rockrose, isn't he the trainer who uses choke chains for training dogs?
Yes Danny and other nasty methods
You see dogs as human. In my opinion, that's warped. They do not have human emotions, they do not have human thoughts. You reflect your feelings onto the dog, then feel they're reciprocated by it. That's deluded.
So now I’m warped and deluded.

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