Feeding Live Fox Cubs To The Hounds

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ladybirder | 15:34 Mon 10th Jun 2019 | Animals & Nature
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Sickening. South Herefordshire Hunt pair found guilty and the most they can be given is 6 months in prison.


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Appalling people. 6 years would be more to my liking.
They walk among us.
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And they looked quite pleased with themselves in some older pictures I saw of them. I believe the foxes were bred specifically for this purpose. The accusation this was going on was made many moons ago I remember and denied of course. Thank goodness for the anti-bloodsports activists.
I caught sight of the video taken showing this happening on the news today and it will remain in my head. The humans concerned are vermin and they should be exterminated!
I'm from the shire and this has been the subject of rumour and gossip for years and years and always flatly denied when people knew it was going on but couldn't prove it. Glad the low lives have finally got publicly brought to book for it. Can't imagine they'll have a nice time from now on in or out of jail.
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I saw it too Nellie. Poor little cub curled up howling in distress before it was hurled to its death. It is easy to hate people you've never met when you see things like this.
Despicable behaviour and worthy of a much stiffer sentence.
The ban on Fox-hunting really ought to have been more vigorously policed.
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as of March, officials were continuing to engage with stakeholders, whatever that means
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Thank you for the link jno. It's being "refined" then. Such a pity the judge in this case cannot impose 5 years here.
It means if anybody asks we're doing something, but they're not really.
Nowt lazier or more useless than politicians and those in their orbit.
This has been going on for years and years and always denied, so I'm glad somebody has finally been prosecuted. There is nothing to which these dregs of humanity will not stoop to perpetuate their sick love of hunting. As ever, when I read stuff like this, I am ashamed of my race. Why do they hate foxes so much ????
They don't hate the foxes they love the cruelty
No woofgang they hate foxes, over the years I've heard them say this. In my younger days I was part of a hunt saboteur group.
extraordinarily, when Tony Blair was asked if he had any regrets, he didn't say "Iraq", he said "banning foxhunting". Still, can't blame him for this disgusting eipsode.
If they REALLY hated the foxes, they would just exterminate them and have done with it.
This again speaks to the differing attitudes to animals that the 'country set' (I mean people who hunt) have from city dwellers.

As I have said before, for city people, animals are pets, part of the family, for country people, animals are either income or pests, they may have pets but they won't be coddled and cossetted like their city cousins.

That does not for one moment justify such barbaric behaviour, but it does assist in explaining it I think.
woofgang - // If they REALLY hated the foxes, they would just exterminate them and have done with it. //

My argument against hunt supporters has always been their rank hypocrisy.

They claim that hunting is to keep fox numbers manageable, but the reality is that hunting is probably the least efficient way of managing numbers, and the real reason why they hunt foxes is because they enjoy doing it. The kill is incidental - it has to be, given the ratio of hunts to kills - if it was to actually kill, it would have been abandoned years ago as a waste of time and effort.
Andy, I vehemently disagree with your comment that it assists in explaining it.
The farmers I know would never feed anything living to another animal.

These people are scum and deserve more than they got.
It was obvious Tony Blair didn't want to ban fox hunting because he left the loophole meaning they could still drag hunt. This drag hunt excuse has well been exploited, as they use it every time they are accused of hunting foxes! I remember when I used to go out 'sabbing', you couldn't move for police trying to stop us, even though many of the police agreed with us, but they had to enforce the law - don't see them doing it now though when the hunters partake of their cruel, illegal sport !! I doubt it will ever stop, along with all the other cruel things they do - such as the subject of this thread - in pursuit of their hatred for poor foxes.

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Feeding Live Fox Cubs To The Hounds

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