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fruitsalad | 11:21 Wed 12th Jun 2019 | Animals & Nature
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Who would a dog consider it's master to be, if husband and wife share the chores, i.e. walking, feeding etc and spend equal amounts of time with it.


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Sorry just sat at the table with the dawg.

He’s made a lovely carbonara. I did ask him nicely though.
Reading this morning the review of a book entitled "The Animal's Companion: People and their Pets, a 26,000-Year-Old Love Story" (Allen & Unwin, £14.99). I learnt that, 'According to Shelley, Byron kept in his house in Italy, 'eight enormous dogs, three monkeys, five cats, an eagle, a crow and a falcon'.

I'm not sure what that has to do with this thread, but it's more interesting than arguing.
I'd just like to back those who called out Cesar Millan.

Scroll down to Criticism if you're interested. I wouldn't let him anywhere near a dog of mine. Spath's views are just as outdated. Pity the Americans seem to have taken Millan seriously. Victoria Stilwell is the way to go.
Once upon a time, Barbara 'Walkies' Woodhouse told us that 'we' should be dominant but all she did was terrified dogs. Caesar Milan traumatised more dogs than he helped and he eventually went bankrupt. The rules change as time and research teach us that we are not as smart and all-knowing as we think we are.

This little article was written by Pete Wedderburn who is a Vet and he does a weekly Q&A in the Telegraph and various Irish TV programmes and Radio shows. I trust his judgement regarding animal matters.

☺"It’s thirty years since I qualified as a vet, and in that time, our understanding of “the truth” has changed. The dominance hierarchy of dogs has been shown to be untrue, the idea that cats love the company of other cats is a myth, and there are many other examples.

As a vet, I have kept up to date with these changes in our knowledge by going to regular educational events, as well as by reading journals and textbooks. But for owners, it can be difficult to stay up to date." ☺

// he's calling his dog in but he's ignoring him //

To be honest I think the rest of us should do that as well
they are both barking Baldric
Again i'd love for someone to quote me where i've apparently gone so terribly wrong.

Many people have flailed their arms in the air, implying i abuse animals and have no idea what i'm talking about. I stated very early on domination is not abuse. It doesn't have to involve any kind of physical touching. However people completely ignored that, and continued to imply i'd abuse animals.
Feeder is master.00 My dogs are hired short term to deter swans off gardens. The dogs soon respond to hirers/feeders so long as am absent.
Spath, where has anybody said that you would abuse animals, aren't you being a bit paranoid.
Danny, you said to me that ken put it clear at "09:42 Fri 14th Jun 2019"

However, ken starts off by saying "You don't 'master' your dog by abusing it, spath. "

This was even after i said

"I do NOT condone animal abuse.. especially kicking dogs.

But the general gist of what Clarion says is kind of true. Dominance in a dogs eyes = master."

The reason dominance = master is because dom = alpha
that's nature. Dogs do not think or feel like a human does. They see their position in their packs or society completely differently. Some dogs are leaders, some dogs are followers.
If you treat a dog like dirt, it's love you for it.
^^^ it'll love you for it^^^
Well, I’m Zacs Master. ;-)
I think it will love you even more if you don’t kick it. So horrible, Clarion.

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