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10ClarionSt | 07:47 Fri 14th Jun 2019 | Animals & Nature
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There was a post recently about elephants on this site so I posted this video, but no-one seems to have noticed it, so here we go again! A baby elephant has fallen down a hole and is being rescued by construction workers with a digger. When the elephants climbs out of the hole, it's mother seems to give a gesture of thanks to the workers with her trunk. Does she? What do you think?


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Very nice.
This can't be the clarion street we know and love posting about an animal!
Sorry, yes I do think it was thanking the rescuers.
A change from his earlier post about kicking dogs,
Very probably yes, elephants are very intelligent.
She most definitely did, she turned back to them and raised her trunk twice. Crying again !!
While living in Kenya I visited the Sheldrake elephant orphanage and also was fortunate enough to get to know a pilot working for our firm who, together with a lady, had flown at least one infant orphan elephant to Nairobi in a twin engine light aircraft. The stories I heard from both sources, and what I saw at the orphanage, left me believing that elephants are quite remarkable animals with very obvious signs of emotions, especially empathy and very strong attachment. The cow/mother seen in the video was sniffing the air trying to identify the scent of those whom she very possibly associated with being reunited with her calf - she likely really wanted to be able to recognise them. I think it quite likely that, if the air movement was right, she will remember the scent and store it in her "goody bag" department.
Totally agree Karl. That behaviour has been borne out in the many programmes I have watched about elephants. Beautiful animals both inside and out.
That is really touching, it really does look like she is. I have just spent a moment googling elephant behaviour and it seems they have very sophisticated body language and communication. I wouldn't be surprised if it was some form of recognition.
Love it!

Can the animals speak?

Here's a grateful sloth.

Awww. Those kind of videos always get to me for some reason.
Pixie, I want that sloth! So sweet.
yeah no
I thought she has trumpeted fanx ( essx elephant clearly)

whislt we are at it,
there is a white rhino rescue thingey as well

for anyone who might be thinking of giving moolah
the sloth - even I think I could catch it

some sloths have green muck growing on their hair as a survival mechanism
( er yeah OK I have green much because I am too lazy to pick the chewing gum out)
I know, naomi :-)
Also googling whether I can get a pet baby elephant lol.
Haaa! Whilst you're at it, get one for me too please.
Ok :-). I'll try Amazon x
Hmmmm.... Amazon? Not the best place for elephants. Anything in Africa or Asia? ;o)
Lol. Will let you know... I was hoping for free postage... :-) x
Go for it! :o)

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