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Annoying Adverts.....

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DTCwordfan | 19:36 Thu 11th Apr 2024 | Adverts
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Annoying ads - let's have a good beef....

Two for me at the moment: 

The serious one being the Alzheimer's on his relative dying multiple times before real death. That is so untrue and misleading - yes things fail but it's hardly death though I'll accept it's preparing you for the eventual demise - same as any degenerative disease as the relative/friend declines. I HATE the ad though.

The other one - the Heinz Baked Beans one on holiday - pathetic in my book and just no sense of realis​​​​​​​m - commercial advertising 'farting' here.

Over to you....?




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The woman sucking up Pot Noodles though it's not been on for the last few weeks, maybe someone got the message.

I like the American accent, but I think the Pot Noodle one should be banned!  We have spent a lot of time teaching our children/grandchildren their table manners, and this advert is NOT funny. I will NEVER let any of ours buy a Pot Noodle. 

The Americans seem to have trouble with the T sound, it either comes out as a D sound or is missing altogether (as already demonstrated here). 

Zebo - the Pot Noodle one was on last night tho I think they've altered it.

Canary42, yes, plus the "u", missing from aluminium, which they pronounce A-loo-minum. 

or minus the "i". Its a bit weird.

The one that really gets me annoyed every time I see it, and did so when it came out years ago is the Cadburys one with the girl paying with buttons.

What annoys me is that the mother is outside on the phone, and the daughter goes into the shop with no money.

The mother obviously does not know where the girl is, as if she knew she was going into the shop she'd make sure she had money.


Another is the McDonalds "bangs" advert - why are they using an American term on a UK advert?

A woman has her puppy in the office, she farts and walks to the bog past all her colleagues carrying a big roll of toilet paper.

Sellers pay ad agencies to produce this tripe and pay to put it on TV. It's a mad world!

Isn't every ad annoying?

Just asking,,,

& not just the ads - some of the programs are almost as bad! Now where's the "OFF" switch.

Some of my friends don't have a TV or streaming capability. They have some things called "radio" & "books". I must look into it.

It's the red button Dave, not too difficult to find, for those that can see.

Lots of people in the ad breaks seem to be having a great time at the prospect of someones death! Pure Cremation! Oh what joy! It's all sorted now! And, as mentioned earlier, congratulations for taking out a life insurance policy. Impending bereavement seems to spark enjoyment!

One of the direct cremation adverts is very manipulative, implying that paying for your own disposal in advance and relieving your family of having to attend a funeral is being a good mother.  'Oh mum, always looking out for us'.

Not so 1ozzy. In the past there have been amusing ones. And some folk seem in awe of supermarket Xmas ads.


Sure the majority are at some level irritating as they are taking time from experiencing the content you really want to have, but some ads are ignorable while others try hard just to raise the hackles, unless one has a really stoic character.

Dad, I really want to make a space ship with this bottle but it's taking ages........

The 2 scottish men in the boat eating Haribos speaking like children. Does anyone know what they are saying I cant understand one word ?

I was going to add the Haribos one - used to be two policemen speaking in silly childish voices, now they've updated it.

I do like the Specsavers ads especially the old one with the vet mistaking his assistant's furry hat for a cat. I have a hat exactly the same.

Are there really no all-white families left in Britain?

Everyone has a black sheep of the family.

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Annoying Adverts.....

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