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Annoying Adverts.....

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DTCwordfan | 19:36 Thu 11th Apr 2024 | Adverts
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Annoying ads - let's have a good beef....

Two for me at the moment: 

The serious one being the Alzheimer's on his relative dying multiple times before real death. That is so untrue and misleading - yes things fail but it's hardly death though I'll accept it's preparing you for the eventual demise - same as any degenerative disease as the relative/friend declines. I HATE the ad though.

The other one - the Heinz Baked Beans one on holiday - pathetic in my book and just no sense of realis​​​​​​​m - commercial advertising 'farting' here.

Over to you....?




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And it's usually a black/white mix even though there are more than twice as many Asians as blacks in the UK.

fixodent - man and woman go for something to eat - supposed to have dentures NOT

grandad reads a story to boy who would be pre-teen - it would be better if boy reads to grandad fgs.

beans advert gets to me too - I do have loads I hate but can't remember them all

cancer - where the woman is laughing trying on a wig - no, not funny as I have lost so many friends through cancer and they were certainly not laughing.

///Dad, I really want to make a space ship with this bottle but it's taking ages........// wee boy must be 40 now LOL

also baby in the arms of mother - grandmother is recommending insurance so that baby now 40 too will be taken care of

and the woman swapping her bulky "pee pants" for some slightly less bulky pee pants & sitting on a guy's shoulders at a pop concert!

A flock of mountain bikers get back from a ride and there is a bank of washing machines out in a field ready to wash their white shirts which they ALL  wear. 😂

(PS. mudguards are available!) 

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Annoying Adverts.....

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