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Coke Adverts

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Ajaygee | 22:49 Sat 04th Jun 2005 | Adverts
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Why oh why are Coke adverts so annoying. Are they just trying to go all out to really make infuriating adverts.

The one that was on ALL the time in my local cinema was the one with the Grandfather informing his grandson that Grandma had moved in with Derek from the Bridge Club. That was mildly amusing once, and after that is was awful. There was also that woman singing while walking down the street and giving out coke. Then the Tortoise for Diet coke, and now a new one where a guy is going around hugging people and foricng coke upon them all in the name of love. Please please stop them.

Does anyone know of a coke advert that isn't as annoying as hell



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It's a large exploitative coorporation trying to present a philanthropic side. Grrrrrrrrrr

No one is forcing anyone to buy it!!!!

The music for the coke ads are excellent...and they stick in your mind for ages. Look at how many people asked for the name of the songs on here!

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I didn't say I hated the songs in the adverts. I said I hated the adverts themselves. They are absolutely annoying as hell. And in all fairness the adverts I've mentioned (bar one) have been largely tuneless.

I guess because I go to the cinema a lot they are forced into my face everytime I go and that is enough to drive anyone up the wall. That said the new one I have only see nonce and it pee'd me off big time. 

the most annoying thing about the girl giving out coke bottles is ... she takes em from her bag with the tops already taken off  lol
they're not all annoying i love the x-mas ad, u really know it's x-mas when u hear 'holidays are coming, holidays r coming ............'!
Annoying??? you're telling me the old 70's Coke ad " i'd like to teach the world to sing" wasn't a classic?

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Coke Adverts

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