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Annoying Adverts.....

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DTCwordfan | 19:36 Thu 11th Apr 2024 | Adverts
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Annoying ads - let's have a good beef....

Two for me at the moment: 

The serious one being the Alzheimer's on his relative dying multiple times before real death. That is so untrue and misleading - yes things fail but it's hardly death though I'll accept it's preparing you for the eventual demise - same as any degenerative disease as the relative/friend declines. I HATE the ad though.

The other one - the Heinz Baked Beans one on holiday - pathetic in my book and just no sense of realis​​​​​​​m - commercial advertising 'farting' here.

Over to you....?




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Agree on the Alzheimers one and also Macmilllan variations, they are on nearly every break on nearly every channel. I wonder if that's where people would have wanted their donation money to go.

Heartstrings ones aside the one that is really *** at the moment is on constantly, it's for a new cruise company, Silverseas is it? It's beyond tedious....

Most of them to be fair! 

The woman with big gob who advertises "Fairy" washing products.

The "Whoosh of freshness" guy turning everything blue.

People in bed in the park sniffing their bed linen.

Brian Blessed (or an impersonator) bellowing about "Flash" cleaning products.

Bloomin Derek from "Sun Life over 50s plan" (it's been repeated for so long I wouldn't be surprised if he's dead already!).


The soft voiced 'We're beating cancer', accompanied bu all sorts of sad/happy shots...  More than annoying, upsetting for those  who arenot 'beating cancer' and have been let down by delays etc..

I'm thinking specifically about one chap at the moment.  Lovely man, out of doors type. Had pain in back and hip. Sent here and there over months.  Turned out to be asymptomatic prostate cancer which has  spread to bones and lymph system.

He's always chipped in to appeals.  He won't be the only one.

I mute the sound and look away very often when the tedious and annoyingly repetitive adverts appear. The ridiculous beans ad, the postcode lottery, innumerable carp food ads. I make a point of deliberately avoiding purchases from these vultures.

From the radio:

'This is what award winning customer service sounds like' (Octopuss Energy) in such a condescending tone of voice oh, and 'these are the voices of 'real' customers'. Yeah, right!

I don't really watch TV, but one I've seen is the Dormeo (mattresses?), it takes up the complete ad break and repeats itself over and over. They're also good at the old 'sale must end Sunday' but come Monday ot's back on at the same price. 

Think I'll stay with my music.

I mostly ignore ads. also, david s..  Some areon at  the moment, but I had  tomake an effort to check.

//Bloomin Derek from "Sun Life over 50s plan" (it's been repeated for so long I wouldn't be surprised if he's dead already!).//

He had a part in Doctors a few years ago and he was just as annoying on that!

He was also a regular in Terry & June

Newspaper ads which are misleading. I complained about one recently to the ASA, and only today I got a response agreeing with me and stating they have warned the advertiser. Wheeeee, someone listened to my rant !

Question Author

Ellie  - I agree - Lord Ian Botham should also be considered for the 'Ad Coffin' award too.....or maybe he will end up as 'The Ashes'?

Yes, that Ian Botham one is awful, the women in it can't act either!

there's one on the internet that is so annoying, I don't even know what they are advertising. A guy puts a tablespoon over his closed eye and then hits the spoon with another tablespoon. Don't tell me what its supposed to be, I don't care, I click off as soon as I realise its that one again. 

Question Author

Canary - one of my favourite things in The Eye is their malgorithm column - the juxtaposition of the ad to the main body of text nearby - my favourite, the Telegraph reporting Notre Dame going up in flames and the ad for Bryant's Matches.


Then, more recently, there was the Observer article,'How many more women will die as UK police forces ignore sex offenders in their ranks'  - the accompanying ad from the Met Police, 'More trust, less crime. high standards.'


Yes DTC, some of them are priceless. 

Almost every ad I hear on the radio is awful and irritating. I don't intend upsetting my mood thinking of examples to put here though.

Top of my list is the woman who says, "Documenaries".  Can't remember which channel it's on, 4 or 5 I think.  

Jet2 holidays. Sick of hearing that b***dy song!

Ladybirder, it IS on Channel 4, and I don't mind it. It's an American women, who says something like "sponsored by the new Ford Explore-rrrrr. The Americans also say Mirr-rrr rather than Mirror.  

The woman who says doc=u-men-erries really grates on me too. Ad for some Ford car or other.

Thank you TW, it drives me potty. I manage to silence the second time she says it but not the first.  

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Annoying Adverts.....

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