what suitcase?

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Princess Sue | 16:28 Sun 13th Aug 2006 | Travel
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I am going to Australia, via Bangkok and Singapore with British Airways and Qantas in October. What size suitcase am I allowed to take and what weight? I am trying to decide if I buy a bigger one or if I can take two?


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At the moment you are allowed as many pieces as you want but the total weight must not exceed 23kg/51lbs.

However, BA rules are changing from 11 October. The 23 kg is unchanged but only one bag is allowed and a size restriction of 2.4m x 0.75m x 0.75m (94in x 29in x 29in) is
introduced. /public/en_gb

I'm assuming you are travelling economy.
BA had been hoping to encourage people to take more hand baggage, but I guess that's gone by the board. Generally, it might be as well to wait a month or so and see what comes of the current security panics.

There may also be limits on individual suitcases for health and safety reasons (ie so as not to break baggage handlers' backs).
There is a strict upper limit of 32kgs for any piece of luggage but I doubt if that will worry you as you need to be a weight lifter to hump that around an airport.I too would wait to see what new rules come into force regarding hand luggage before spending any money on a new suitcase.the way cases are often treated perhaps a vivit to the charity shop might be a good idea.On my last two trips I've had damage done to my cases and not much help or interest at the other end
Baggage allowance is one piece at 20kg in economy. If it gets damaged claim on your insurance. For more details look at the airlines websites.
Gef - it is not 20kg universally. On British Airways, on long haul non-US flights, it is 23kg.
it usually gives you luggage allowance on your tickets when they arrive.

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