What would you like on a suitcase?

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suitcase_builder | 10:06 Tue 03rd May 2011 | Travel
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Our team has to design a suitcase for college. I am asking what functions you would like to see on the suitcase. For example, what size, colour, wheels, zips, locks or anything else you can think of, would you like to see on a suitcase that you purchased?

We have a few ideas already, but asking this will ensure that what we have in mind is what the general public wants to see. This should also count towards our research credits.

Thank you for taking the time to read this question! All reasonable ideas welcome!


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You need to invent something that you can add when required to make it stand out when waiting to collect it from an airport carousel.
As lightweight as possible, because ...

(1) it's easier to drag around

(2) it doesn't use up so much of your baggage allowance.
On a large case, sturdy wheels, a decent pull-along handle, reinforced corners and zips with large enough holes to put a lock through them, or locks with covers ( I bought a suitcase in Japan about 10 years ago, with these great lock covers, never seen one since) Light but strong durable material, and waterproof . Hope this helps!
Wheels built into the body of the case. If they stick out too far, they get broken.
Consider of the following:

1. Is this for overhead luggage or for long-haul? There are obvious size restrictions.
2. Make it as light as possible.
3. Make sure the structure of the suitcase doesn't interfere with the room inside the case (as much as is reasonable)
4. Don't use plastic for handles/extending bits, can feel very brittle/weak with a "full" case.
5. Zipped compartments are useful, "pockets" are not.

All the best,

Question Author
thanks so much guys and girls these are great! keep them coming!
The main things is it should be lightweight and strong have good well ballanced wheels so that it dosn't tip the case over when it is being pulled along. Have a space/slot so you can put something on the case to make it easy to pick out on the carousel at airports. Good locks or sturdy padlocks. Something inside - Compartments or straps - to help keep the clothes less creased.
It should look pretty :-)

A detachable pocket for magazines/papers/bits and bobs would be handy.
Question Author
love that idea ummm!
"The main things is it should be lightweight and strong have good well ballanced wheels so that it dosn't tip the case over when it is being pulled along"

This might be the most important thing: the "ride" needs to be something you can move with confidence while pulling along.
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Question Author
so balance and sturdyness seem to be very important to everyone. good strong wheels that can survive the rough and tumble of the airpoirt?
"rough and tumble of the airpoirt"

Never been to a rough airport. However, anyone staying in the centre of Prague will tell you however that a frame/wheel-set that can deal with cobbles would be appreciated.
a top unit that detaches as a cabin bag , a separate internal compartment for a couple of pairs of shoes
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1. lightweight
2. Un-cool
3. transparent plastic

Few would want to steal that.
Question Author
lol, then all your underware would be on show! thats not cool! i would not buy that! but you did make me smile :)
you wouldn't steal it either :)
A little compartment made of some special material that the sniffer dogs can't sniff through?
- can it be designed to you can sit on it when waiting in lines at airports?

- can it have a clear sleeve on the front to allow you to place a picture it would allow you to decorate/personalise you baggage as well as help locate you bag and stop mix ups.

- could it have a little plastic tranparent pod attached which has your details in for when the bag is lost or at least a contact number.

- could the bag have zipped off sections which when unzipped it allows the bag to expand to allow for holiday shopping, it would be like an accordian the way it folds in and out.

- lots of differnet carry options, main carry handle, pull wheels, rucksack shoulder straps, sling strap, strap to attach to another case or to attach to luaage trolley

- could the case have sections which are detachable so they hold say toiletries and they can be detached and hung in bathroom etc

- could there in a section in the case which had extra security it would be hidden/secret and locked and you could keep valuables in it in the hotel room for example

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