What can I put in my suitcase?

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ginariemma | 18:53 Tue 04th Jul 2006 | Travel
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Can I put aerosol deodorants in the suitcase? What about the pump type toothpastes?
Is the part they go into not preasureised? Does that mean my shampoo will burst? Sorry if I sound daft but its my first time abroad and its a 9 hour flight.


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u can put them in ur suitcase if u want,, but most people will put them in their hand luggage which is also acceptable..

it is always best to take a hand luggage with a few change of clothing and toiletries, and what ever else u think u will need..

NEVER leave valubles in ur suitcase, ie house keys/car keys/money/passport/tickets/jewlery/digital camera etc etc etc....

hope this helps u...

enjoy ur holiday..
i always put all my toiletries in plastic bags just in case they do burst on the flight. and you can then use the bags for dirty laundry when you're coming home. I'm so resourceful... Have a nice holiday!!
Your aerosols / toothpaste will not burst - ours never have.

If concerned put in a small plastic bag in your toilet bag - that should cover most eventualities.

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What can I put in my suitcase?

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