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Immortal298 | 10:43 Sun 11th Sep 2005 | Travel
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i've just brought a Compass suitcase - one of those ones with the pullout handle - and i'm not ashamed to admit that its my first suitcase and i'm very chuffed.  but it comes with a combination padlock for the zip.  i remember reading on one of the many many travel tip sites that u shud only use a certain type of lock cos thats the only kind the baggage handlers and customs people can use, and that any other type will get broken off.  anyone know what type that is?


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a lot of airlines and customs officers have loads of spare keys for any bags left behind, that they need to look into or for customs when ever they do their customs chks downstairs when the bags are put on the belt.

with combi locks a lot of them are easy to get into if u know how to do it...

some key locks r not a good as they use the same key..

if when u find ur suitcase and padlock is missing always go to the lost and found desk in the customs hall b4 u leave (go throught customs) and they will make a report and also ask u to chk if anything is missing...

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may i add to dazf's answer that my suitcase was opened by the U.S. authorities after i had checked in my luggage and i was totally unaware of this until i got home. I opened my suitcase and they had put a note inside telling me that something had shown when they scanned the case and they had to open it to search it. Fair enough i say i had nothing to hide but therefore my case was unlocked for the entire journey and i know that some travel insurers will not insure luggage that is not padlocked correctly now.
It is recommended now that you don't lock your cases when flying to and from the States as they WILL open cases to check what's in them and if they're locked they will break the lock. AS with louadams6 one of our cases was opened by the authorities on our way back from Florida this year.

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Suitcase lock

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