best size suitcase/type to take on plane

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giggles321 | 21:26 Sun 29th Jul 2007 | Travel
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1st time I went on a plane, I bought the biggest suitcase ever........wrong!!! cost me an arm and a leg in in excess charges!!....both ways.....haaa
What is the best size suitcase to take on a plane, soft or hard make?? one that expands?
PS wont be taking so much this


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well, I just take a little wheelie bag and take it into the cabin with me. I don't need any more than that unless I'm away for more than a week and travelling round a lot. You have to be ruthless about what clothes you need and be prepared to wash them while you're aaway, though. It's weight that counts more than size, though, so you could start by making sure the case itself is light.
As jno says make sure there light, I've just dumped 2 big wheelie cases that weighed 7kgs each, thats over a 1/3 or maybe even 1/2 of your allowance, got a couple of nylon zip up holdalls that are just 1kg each and are about the same capacity.
If you go onto the website of your airline you will find that they give specific dimensions of what you are allowed to take. I won't cost you any more unless it is really heavy.
medium size soft material case with expanding lid and wheels, if possible with matching cabin size bag.Also put a distinctive strap around case that you will recognise [Abel-Label will make you a strap with your name or initials for under �10] or a ribbon on the handle, surprising how many similar cases going round on the carousel when you collect.
TOP TIP!!!!!

take two medium sized suitcases, pack everything that you will definatley need in one, and things you might want in the other.
Then weight the first suitcase and if your near the limit, take up to three items from the second case, and leave the rest behind.
Trust me, most people never use half of the things they take away with them.
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Many thanks for your help, much appreciated.
oh, and dont bother with those stupid little padlocks that people put on their suitcases. their pointless and you can open them with a fart.
Not to mention most airlines have a policy that if they want to open your bag for security reasons they'll just cut it off anyway.
The only reason you should need a lock is if your going to leave you case unattended, which is the first thing they tell yu NOT to do. ha ha.
and if you are going to use an identifying method to spot your case, try NOT tying a pink ribbon around the handle. my bags usually the only one without one.

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best size suitcase/type to take on plane

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