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tamaris | 21:46 Sat 10th Feb 2024 | Travel
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Mini milk pots in an airport  plastic bag through security in hand luggage when flying ? 



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You mean something like this:

If so, then yes, but not many. Eight maximum, as long as you have nothing else liquid.

Question Author

Yes that's them, thank you

The restriction on taking liquids on board aircraft has already been lifted at some UK airports.  All other UK airports were meant to follow that lead by June of this year but it looks like there will be some delays at some:

(It worth remembering too that your departure airport abroad, for your return flight, might also have not removed the restriction).

They do sell milk in foreign parts you know.

Where are you flying to? You are no longer permitted to take dairy products into the EU from the UK. Presuming they would be classed as dairy of course.

Why would you want to?  I always wonder why so many people try to smuggle food into foreign countries (as in Nothing to Declare) instead of buying it when they get there.  Revolting stuff as well.  

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