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Where Would You Choose To Go?

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NoseyNose | 01:43 Thu 08th Feb 2024 | Travel
39 Answers

Just a travel question.

Given three destinations to go to tomorrow,where would you choose(anywhere in the World)?

Mine would be:~(and I have holidayed there)




Let us know where you would go.



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I'd like to go to Algeria, for the antiquities. Never been there. I'd like to go back to Iran, which is beautiful, but I can see this might not be the moment.




Selecting from places that I've already been to . . .
Perth, Western Australia

Selecting from places that I'd like to go to . . .
Poland's Tri-city (Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot)

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Can I go on holday with you?

We loved Malta,

Have friends in Perth,

Have never been to Madrid,but would like to go.

Have been to wonderful Andalucia though.

Malaga - such a comfortable place to be

Malta - never been and sounds really interesting 

Margate = family

There are many other places I would love to be tomorrow too but don't fancy long haul!

Don't like cities - always had a hankering to visit Easter Island. Not gonna happen.

oh - Iceland & Vancouver Island (again)

Jersey and the Gower Coast for the memories

New Zealand and Australia 

Tobago to see the baby turtles hatch



Cradle Mountain Tasmania, been there, done that.

Would definitely do it again!

Barrington Tops.

Been there done that, a second visit would be heaven.

The Kimberley region.

Alas, haven't been there yet.

Bucket list??


I don't need a passport and visa to be impressed 😊

Switzerland, New Zealand, Barbados

Mauritius, Corfu, Florence

I used to love travelling whether for day trips, short breaks or extended holidays.

These days I would rather be at home. I have lost my wanderlust, my curiosity about far flung places and it all seems such a faff.

Maybe if I could close my eyes, click my heels and wake up there I'd feel differently.  For now, I'm content with my memories.

I tend to agree Barry - all this foreign travel is rather self-indulgent & the preserve of (relatively) rich people.

And all the rigmarole at airports & the flight itself is such a bore.

Apart from a short spell in the army I don't think my father ever travelled more that 20 miles from home except for the occasional annual holiday to Blackpool (50 miles).

My mother was the same, davebro.  Only travelled to our annual seaside holiday by coach although living in the Midlands she did go to probably three different places - Brean mostly, Brixham once and Scarborough once. Don't think it was much of a holiday for her looking back - caravan with no running water or toilet, cooking every day....


Las Vegas




Been to both of those, my new place would be 

South Korea

I wanted to go to Chad on a gorilla trekking tour but now I think that is just plain wrong, wild creatures should be left in peace and protected, although I appreciate these tours do raise money to protect them. 

Puerto de Santiago Tenerife

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