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Where Would You Choose To Go?

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NoseyNose | 01:43 Thu 08th Feb 2024 | Travel
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Just a travel question.

Given three destinations to go to tomorrow,where would you choose(anywhere in the World)?

Mine would be:~(and I have holidayed there)




Let us know where you would go.



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Perth, WA or somewhere Spanish.

Lake Havasu, Arizona.



Been to all three and wouldn’t mind repeating again.

But, Thomas Wolfe advisedly said, “you can never go home again “.

Costa rica



Puerto Soller, Majorca
Lucerne, Switzerland
Isle of Wight

Toronto, Niagara, Madeira.




Some of you will immediately understand why i've chosen those 3 destinations 😉

Thanks to being in the RAF I stayed in Hawaii a couple of times, would love to return.

New Zealand


Been to these three (twice)...wouldn't mind a third shot.

Alberta -Summer or Winter

California -Summer

Siberia -Winter

(Difficult to leave lovely Switzerland out though!)

Maldives, Malaysia and a cruise around the Med visiting Naples, Rome, Barcelona and Monte Carlo.

(But then that's where we're off to in April and May - tee, hee!)

Wife and I go to the Dominican Republic on Christmas Eve.  Never been before.

NN, you've set an almost impossible task! So many places I'd like to go to or return to visit!  At one time Vancouver would have been top of my list but it now holds too many sad memories.   

I would like to go to Nashville for the C & W music
Revisit Southern Ireland to see more of it
Revisit Hyeres, S. France where I holidayed abroad for the first time.

Having said all that, I'd be quite happy to go 85 or so miles north to Pitlochry in beautiful Perthshire😊

Ken, it wouldn't be because of the gee-gees, would it?



Bonny alba

Yes, Barsel. The best 'holiday' i ever had was 2 weeks in Yorkshire (based in a friend's caravan on Flamingo Land) visiting a different racetrack every day. Well, we actually managed 10 days racing in the 14 days we were there, including the 4 day St Leger meeting at Town Moor, Donny. Even the weather held - rained on Lady's Day at Donny for about an hour.

Found a couple of good, friendly pubs in Malton and Pickering where both did decent scran and served John Smiths. What's not to like?😉

New Zealand

West side of Normandy

Florence/Siena area in Italy

Anyone here been to the Dominican Republic? We don't know what to expect.

I have, Alan.  Typical Caribbean Island with beautiful weather and beautiful beaches - but poorer than some.

Sounds ideal for you Ken.

When you go on holiday, you don't know if you will enjoy it or not, but you know you will enjoy this.

Okay thanks. We're looking forward to getting away from it all.

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