Do You Work From Home?

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ToraToraTora | 15:59 Tue 30th Mar 2021 | Technology
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Make sure you lock your keyboard when you are AFK!


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anybody who doesn't lock down their computer when they leave it accessible to kids is asking for trouble
not to mention pets clambering over the keyboard, that is asking for trouble.
... and these people are responsible for handling nuclear weapons?
I work from home. When in the office it's my boss who's the problem, he changes my settings.

I forgot I had the Skype window open once and leant on the whole keyboard, my Daughter thought I was having a stroke and trying to get help :-(
emmie - Frankie used to stroll over the keyboard and turn all the text upside down. He once sent an email that I was trying to reword before sending.
i no longer have a cat, and didn't have one when i bought my first laptop but i have seen enough videos of prancing cats on keyboards to know the problems caused.
I work in the defence industry. Leaving your computer unattended is a disciplinary offence
Its a security breach if left unlocked where I work.
Always lock my laptop at home.
i have no locking system that i can see, then again no one comes here right now,
You can lock using ctrl + alt then delete, Emmie. That's if you have a password set up.
i do have a passcode.. to open computer... !
I worked at one place where failure to lock your computer if you were away from your desk was a disciplinary offence.

The reason was that someone who was about to do a supplier payment run left their desk with her computer open and one of the other staff members went in and changed the supplier bank details to their own, executed the payment and left the building.

By the time the fraud was detected and investigated the person had transferred the money offshore and left the country.
ouch ^^
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Do You Work From Home?

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