Phoning Hmrc,Dwp...

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Paigntonian | 15:08 Tue 30th Mar 2021 | Technology
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Had a shocking wait to get through to the taxman recently. Came across these people. Looks like a good service to me.


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you have easily got time enough to register on line with the tax man. You need to have on line id ( passport is a good one)
a telephone and or email

I was also asked about entries in my last tax form - - BUT they were disputed, so I then had to wait for an access code by letter

and after a few times it becomes straightforward. [Taxman seemed quite happy to fine me without saying, and then fining me a bit more when I didnt pay. such is life]
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This is across organisations but points taken.
An online tax account is brilliant and easy to use. You can allso see you NI and pension forcast. Theres allso an online chat facillity which solved a problem for us
Sounds useful, even although when you get to your destination option you will probably get stuck in a queue, the menu negotiation time is considerably shortened (and some of them can be interminable).

Thanks for the heads-up.
But thanks for the link, its useful to know
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Have a look guys. And, no, I have no financial interest!
That does look good, could save a lot of time

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Phoning Hmrc,Dwp...

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