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lonedad | 21:24 Tue 28th Jul 2009 | Electronics
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Anyone know how to get scratches out of an LCD TV screen? My daughter has decided she wanted the scratch it, quite alot!!


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Had a quick look on Google... you prob. don't want to hear this:

''They can't be 'removed'. And the cost to replace an LCD screen, assuming you have a quality name brand and can get parts, is prohibitive - close to the cost of a new TV.''

Hopefully someone will prove me wrong...
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I thought so. Had a quick look around myself. Its not too bad and is barely noticeable. Just not happy because its new.
Thanks for looking though
Get your daughter to pour a drink down the back and claim on your house insurance ;-)
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Well ive got to get some first but I guess I could just get some and then claim later
then again - just pull all her fingernails out
^ lol... extreme... but probably a good idea...
In the good old days one way I heard of for getting scratches out of car windscreens was something like clear floor polish which sort of filled them in. I don't know if this method will work on TV screens as they are different material. Also it might smear quite badly and also attract dust more.

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LCD TV Screen

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