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Hip Pain

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sandyRoe | 11:43 Thu 25th Apr 2024 | Body & Soul
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For the last week or so I've had a dull pain in my hip.  It's not the result of a fall or anything like that.

I'm taking paracetamol which helps me with an undisturbed nights sleep.

Any thoughts?



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as you say, arthritis

You arent feverish etc?

Question Author

Not feverish, no.

I'm thinking this will eventually lead to a hip replacement operation.

If the paracetamol helps you sleep, which works for a family member of mine, you may simply not be rolling over in your sleep. So the pressure is never off of your hip area 

Could be sacroiliac joint pain which I have had. Both chiorpractor and acupuncture helped me but anti inflammatories would be the first port of call. I would skip the gp and go straight to a chiro

Do you drive? I had terrible pain in my left hip from operating the clutch. It soon went away when I switched to automatic gears.

Most likely arthritis - GP will arrange x-ray appointment if he thinks required.

I've had dreadful pain in my groin since Christmas but had a steroid injection on Tuesday morning and am keeping everything crossed. Mine started when a physio diagnosed arthritis and gave me a very vigorous massage. That was two weeks before Christmas and I wouldn't wish the pain on anyone. I take paracetamol at night and it does help as codeine upset me and I can't take ibuprofen. Have you got a firm mattress? Try sleeping on your back. I wish you well as it's been a very painful journey for me and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. 

If you sleep on your side, try putting a small pillow between your knees. It helps to relieve joint pressure.

Question Author

I'll try the cushion tonight.

I'll phone my GP tomorrow but it's about 2 or 3 weeks before you get to see him.

Thankfully, not a driver.

Thanks for your comments.

These are supposed to help. A lot of people get relief from them.;ac=croud&asc=pmax&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjw_qexBhCoARIsAFgBlesg6myX2pIe_c-tCg1E6zhrn1ndLBekALeIFMxkM0wn_U5HxDg-LOAaAl8KEALw_wcB

I don't think a leg pillow will help - a softer mattress might.

Davebro - I think mine was possibly caused by a Tempur mattress which is very soft. Difficult to diagnose but a friend's daughter had a similar problem and got rid of hers too.

With a harder mattress I found I was getting pain at pressure points - hip & shoulder & I had to get up as soon as I woke. With a softer mattress I'm not in pain on waking & can have a bit of a lie in if I feel like it.

I've had both hip and knee pain. The pillow between my knees raises my right knee when lying on my left side, and also takes strain away from the right hip. It works for me.

Oh...and I just use ordinary pillows...sometimes a bed pillow, but a well filled cushion is better as it's more compact. 

Sandy I honestly think you would be better to go to a physio rather than a doctor. He/she will be able to diagnose and recommend treatment 


Yes that's what I said hours ago but didn't even get a reply.

A week or so of dull pain is nothing.

It will probably pass.

it might, Hopkirk, but mine never did and I now do most of my sleeping on the other side. GP thought it was arthritis and couldn't be cured, which seems correct, so I just try not to make it angry, and take the odd painkiller when I've rolled over in my sleep. I've looked for one of those Zoltar things Tom Hanks had, but no joy.

My husband had a bad pain in his heel for months. He self diagnosed plantar fasciitis.I eventually got him to go to a highly recommended physio who detected that it was a muscle in his calf that had tensed up. He did acupuncture and gave him exercises to do. A few weeks later and he is as good as new!



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