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Hip Pain

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sandyRoe | 11:43 Thu 25th Apr 2024 | Body & Soul
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For the last week or so I've had a dull pain in my hip.  It's not the result of a fall or anything like that.

I'm taking paracetamol which helps me with an undisturbed nights sleep.

Any thoughts?



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^ I know that it's not the same as hip pain but it's the same principle 

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Apologies for not answering your post earlier.  I'll look to find a chiropractor for next week.

Thank you all for the advice.

Keep us posted, Sandy

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Will do.

Try a heat pad (hot water bottle) where it's painful .   Might you have to give up competitive polo Sandy ?

I cant lie on my left side for long, as the pain is quite bad. Seen doctor few years ago, sent me to see a physio, she wasn't sure what it was exactly, but thought it pressure on sciatica nerve and wear & tear side of pelvis. Gave me some exercises to do and said to take the odd painkiller. Also to put pillow between legs when in bed. Couldn't get on with that! Do some exercises sometimes but forget half the time! I might get one of those pressure cushions I seen on line. You secure it around top of leg, with elastic strap. I might buy one

 I sent similar one in link to Sandy.

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I'll try an ordinary cushion before buying one of those orthopedic ones.


Annieasquith ,

I'll have to find a good home for the ponies.  The mallets are good for nothing but firewood.  I'll keep the helmets.  They might come in useful if I ever get a mobility scooter. ;-)

Have a hot bath, then ponder on the age and quality of your mattress.


I also have permanent  hip pain in both hips- but severe in the left to the point that my hip feel permanently on fire/throbbing. I was diagnosed with tendinopathy.  pain has never gone nor eased : (

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Hip Pain

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