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Acupuncture For Hip Pain.

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sandyRoe | 17:53 Tue 18th Jun 2024 | Body & Soul
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A friend has asked if I'd be prepared to give it a try.  It might have a placebo effect but I think nothing more than that.

Any thoughts?



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Thank you, Chico.

I will give it a try.  Can't do any harm.

Let us know how it goes, sandy

I was sceptical about acupuncture - until a vet tried it as a last resort for our lovely old pain-ridden labrador - it was almost a miracle - suddenly she could walk again. As far as I'm aware) the placebo effect doesn't apply to dogs (certainly not to one as 'nice but dim' as our old Mini).

Subsequently I've had it myself for lower back pain and knee pain - worked for one, not for the other - no idea why.

Gness has had some remarkably good results too - again not every time, but more often than not.

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I tried it for sciatica and unfortunately it didn't work for me.  However it did work for the friend who recommended it to me.  

I have terrible hip pain - I've got sciatica and bursitis.  I've just rediscovered my tens machine and it has helped a lot.

i got it for neck pain - didn't work - got it for leg pain - it did work.  give it a go Sandy - oh and all those tiny needles don't hurt.  I am thinking of giving it another go within a week or two - you have nothing to lose except £50  LOL

I tried it for cluster migraine and it didn',  especially t work. I was covered from head to foot in needles (36) and it did hurt, especially when she set fire to them.

i have had it prior to a hip replacement.  It did and didnt work!  i think the bit i got out of it was more about carving out an hour of my week when i could just focus on relaxing and me :)

i had it for fertility issues too and it worked (well, it was either that or the shagging)

I has it for back pain and it worked. It was done with electricity. Not painful at all.

try it and see. thinking it cd be placebo doesnt negate the effect

Placebo effect in dogs

acupuncture to get a baby -  yup can see that - - (shagging also needed, not optional)

to any walk in: a lot of posts have confused TENS which does work, with the placebo effect which er also does work...

I dont think  it is  impt here

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Acupuncture For Hip Pain.

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