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Blue Cards ?

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Canary42 | 02:10 Sat 10th Feb 2024 | Football
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I don’t think we have many footie fans on Ab, but what do you think about the latest idea - Blue Cards.


In addition to the current yellow and red cards, Football's lawmakers Ifab want to introduce blue cards.  Players would get blue cards for dissent and tactical fouls and spend 10 minutes off the pitch.

I think that I agree with the Tottenham manager – it will ruin the game.

Bad enough we have to put up with the last "improvement" VAR, this one is the last straw.



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what colour would you like? 

Question Author

Green    😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   

I like the idea for disent and time wasting, diving etc but a tactical foul is part of the game.  We have all said, "should have brought him down" to the tv at some point eh?

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/// a tactical foul is part of the game. ///

Wow, that's a contentious point. We'll have to agree to differ on that - I hate tactical fouls (or "taking one for the team").

It would give them a ten minute rest, then they come back on refreshed.

A better punishment would be to make them wear a heavy backpack.

Question Author

What a picture that conjures up 🤢

Norwich players act as if they've already got the backpacks on.

I watch quite a lot of football and i have seen many a game where the ref has kept his cards in his pocket for about an hour, then dished out 3 or 4 yellows in quick succession. If these had been blue, and say 3 for one side and 1 for the other, that would mean 10 v 8 for a few minutes and would, imho, be farcical.

Not every tackle is a foul, and not every foul is a yellow card. The present system works just fine, again imho.

What i would like to see an end put to is the 'time-wasting' substitutions  seconds before the end of the game. Fine if it's for an injured player but more often than not, it's a tactic used just to disrupt the flow of the game and run the clock down.

Ken - you must date back to the days when substitution was first introduced and was only allowed for serious injury; footballers promptly started attending RADA for a couple of months to learn how to fall and limp convincingly so that a substitution could be made.

I think it ridiculous. Different games have different rules. A sport like ice hockey, where bashing your opponent is commonplace, works well with sin bins. Game scores are high anyway so a few minutes out ain't going to be overly significant most times. And it's been that way for as long as I can recall.


On the other hand scores in football are usually low and taking someone off can result in a major change in the final result, and so is potentially an excessive penalty. Besides the whole idea is that the teams put in their effort over the full 90 minutes, not have forced breaks throughout. The game simply wouldn't be the same game any more.


If authorities want to try it then they should form a different league, continue to play normal football with the present teams, and create a new set to play this new fangled soccer union game. But it's still a crackpot idea.

I didn't need one - but it would be just another reason not to watch footie!

If it stops the gobshite, otherwise unemployable millionaires from playing outwith the rules of the game and mouthing off with bulging eyes and spit-flecked lips to officials then let's have it from now.

The fascination of the thing is beyond me as a sport and model for adult behaviour.

Rugby today though. 😁

I despair when even with VAR they get it wrong.

Here's my take.  If a referee sees it as a penalty, foul etc, it's a penalty, foul etc or if an assistant referee sees it as offside, it's offside - no question.

If a player questions a referee about a decision, other than in the most undemonstrative way, it's a yellow card plus 10 yards forward from the place of the disputed decision.  But it aint gonna happen.

(PS I'm not sure why they dropped the 10 yards forward idea.)

Well said ol geezeer total agreement with you.


blue card only for kneeling on a player's neck

I couldn't give a carrot to be honest, but himself is not happy. He'd rather see a red card and that's it. He started babbling on about playing defensively blah blah, but it went over my head 😁

Blue cards should be used only when a player swears for saying such rude words as, pee, poe, belly, bum drawers while play in in action. The game must be tidied up!

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Blue Cards ?

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