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Why The End Is Near

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Canary42 | 16:09 Tue 12th Apr 2022 | Religion & Spirituality
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Heaven is almost full, so JC and Dad are closing down humanity.

There's just about enough room left in Heaven to accommodate the few (e.g. Goodlife) who will make it there, while Hell will be overcrowded (which of course adds to the paradigm).


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Are you drunk?
Good grief. Stop drinking.
How do you know heaven is almost full?
If God has put a limit on the venue, then that is grossly unfair. Entry to eternal salvation should not be on a first come, first served basis.
..Ms Carlisle taught us.......
If heaven is full of Bible bashers, it sounds like hell to me.
I suppose the administrators could decant the many virgins waiting for the next delivery of Big Soup in the interim.
If You knew your Bible. I will be going to hell. Like everybody else.
Disingenuous as always, Goodlife.
Give up the drink Canary before you fall off your perch.
//If You knew your Bible//
Sadly, for the religionists like you goodlife,
most of the contributers to R&S do!
You may know the contents. But none of you know the meaning.
//You may know the contents. But none of you know the meaning//
And you do?
Why is that?
How do I get to belong to your special club?
Why is your special club so special?
How do I know that you are right and other Bible believing denominations are wrong?
Why has God made his word (The Bible) so ambiguous? So ambiguous that there are tens of thousands of different denominations that all think that 'they' have the true interpretation of scripture?

Why do you think that Charles Taze Russell alone had the correct interpretation of scripture?
He was just a man who formulated his ideas 1800 years after Christ.

I much prefer John Shelby Spong.
He's a religionist that I can connect with
(Or did, he's died since)
Why are people accusing canary of been drunk?
He/she is as entitled as anyone else to express an opinion re: religion.

Aren't they?
Nailit; "Why are people accusing canary of been drunk?"
I wondered that. Perhaps they know canary better than I do. Sometimes people post stuff that I don't get.
happy god friday everybody
// Sometimes people post stuff that I don't get.//
how shocking - no !
you dont say !

It is not you - Ay-fie ( in a miss piggy voice) it is them - kissy kissy
//I wondered that//
Ive often been accused of been drunk when I wasnt as well...
easier to accuse rather than actually attempt an answer I guess?
no that was the meths
well for those who think Revelations is er a revelation
these times fit the bill ( as a few thousand times prior)
Putin as anti Christ - check
war - yup check - Ukraine

what else do we need?

Putin telling US - let me bomb Ukraine mercilessly or there will be trouble...

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Why The End Is Near

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