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fruitsalad | 19:46 Tue 28th Jun 2022 | Society & Culture
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Is it okay for a woman to wear trousers to a funeral, I really don't like/feel comfortable wearing dresses or skirts.


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Yes, I wore black ones to a relatives funeral. I don't have a skirt or dress to my name. I wasn't the only one either.
Yes - wear what you feel comfortable in.
yes, look neat is the usual requirement and you probably don't even have to do that if the deceased was a punk or Goth.
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Yes, a smart plain black would be best.
Wear what you are comfortable in!
The deceased won't know.
There is no occasion now when trousers are not suitable attire for a woman. You will one of many wearing them. Hope it goes OK.
Yes, but perhaps not your shocking pink pair.
It is amazing how casually some people dress now, even for a funeral. Jeans even.
The purpose of attending a funeral is to show one's respect and I don't have a problem with ladies wearing trousers if they are clean and pressed.Jeans I would not be so keen on tbh, but I would accept the importance is on attending.

fruitsalad, sorry you have one to attend.
just a piece of advice, don't take a spade with you - otherwise.....
Black trousers will be perfectly respectable.
Remember that people ( er mourners) can be pretty wonky at a funeral - I have been chucked out of a few. Even by mourners who thought I shouldnt be there despite the relatives of the deceased accepting I should (as in inviting me). Crazy stuff. (*)

Jamaica - worse - I told one mourner from London someone would draw a gun on him in Kingston, and he came back and reported 'how did you know?' [the grandmother's will apptd him as funeral organiser but he wasnt the eldest grandson. gun waver was.]

(*)This wasnt the one where a female ( I think hur hur hur) and I started scrapping in the aisle. She grabbed my hair but I had a buzz cut. I was wearing a suit

Or the one where a bouncer said - what are you doing here? and I said Landlord. Windrushy it was. and voices from the other mourners said "I know him!"

Clarion will confirm these things occur....
oh god and the one where the widow wdnt have a wake because she thought the mourners should be sadder ( yeah werent sad enough)

Hey lucky no one understands what I write innit
graveside wars
I havent started
but I have to admit I have never seen a mourner pushed into the empty or occupied grave
It sure is Peter!
I even have a stock answer for 'what are you doing here?'
"I am mourning a death"
// It sure is Peter!//
long post on crazy women trying to exclude me and insisting this is normal behaviour for them
how did it go?
you had a chance to reflect on a life (to some extent you shared)
Go naked, God doesn't give a damn.

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Funeral Attire

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