A Horrific Example Of Racist "Justice" In 1950S America

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pastafreak | 15:35 Sat 02nd Jul 2022 | Society & Culture
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I was only 8 when this happened and I have no memory of hearing about this case of the lynching of a 14 year old boy. I'm sure my parents protected me, and made sure I knew nothing of it. I only read of this for the first time a year or so ago.


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Terrible thing to happen.
Not sure there's much point to trying this old woman now.
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I feel the same...she's had to live with it. Whether or not she feels any guilt will never be known.
I suppose it might be a form of closure for the boys family.
I haven't read the Daily Mail article but I saw a short YouTube video on it some time ago. It was incredibly sad, which is not a strong enough word to describe the whole travesty.

Emmett was 'guilty' of two things - being poor and black.
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And also of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Yes, her part in the violent killing of that boy should be investigated, and yes, the press and social-media should hound this miserable woman and make the rest of her life a living hell, I don't care how old she is.
I genuinely find it astonishing that within living memory (not mine - I’m an early 70s baby) that Americans were doing this to other Americans. I just don’t get it.

Having said that, having visited Austwich (which is also within living memory for some), I guess we shouldn’t be surprised at the evil violence people will do to others simply by dint of their race or religion.

Sadly, we still see it today.
Apartheid is within your living memory, Deskdiary, it didn't end until 1990.
^^^quite Barry.
I agree with sanmac 100%.
Carolyn Donham should be brought to book., as she was a part of the brutal murder.
If a hundred year old German can be tried, convicted and jailed why not this woman?

Of course there's absolutely no way that evidence or witnesses will be there now but at least give her the publicity she deserves.
How accurate is this report? Under the photos of her, it says she was born in 1938 and is now 88 years old. Really?
It has been suggested that Harper Lee's novel "To Kill a Mocking Bird" was loosely based upon this incident.
I wondered about that, sanmac.
Naomi, read the link about Timothy Tyson:
"To Kill a Mockingbird" is on TV tonight, and although I've seen it many times I'll be watching it again.
Agree with Doug, if German war criminals can still be brought to justice then she deserves to be too.

The old photo of her smiling shows she has no remorse for her actions.
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[email protected]:07 Sunday...most likely bad DM research or a typo...she is registered as being born in 1934.

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A Horrific Example Of Racist "Justice" In 1950S America

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