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Favourite Sandwiches

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naomi24 | 10:36 Thu 25th Apr 2024 | Food & Drink
33 Answers

A recent survey said ....


1, BLT

2. Chicken Salad

3. Tuna Mayo  (equal third)

3. Fish Finger (equal third)

5. Cheese & Pickle

6. Egg & Cress

7. Coronation Chicken

8. Prawn Mayo

9. Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

10. Beef & Horseradish



Wot?!!  No banana, ham, sausage or chips?!


What's your favourite sandwich?





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 A mixture of chopped hard boiled egg, some deseeded quartered cherry tomatoes, a couple of chopped gherkins all  bound together with a good dollop of mayo.

I go through phases.  My current favourite is cream cheese and prawn.

Chip and mushy pea with lashings of full fat proper butter on door step sized bread, food of the gods! 🥪

My ultimate favourite is Brie, bacon and cranberry sauce. I don't make it myself so if it's on the menu somewhere I always choose it.

Otherwise it's cheese and onion.

Coronation chicken

Sausage and mushroom on doorstep bread.  Not had it for years.

Cheese and pickle, closely followed by corned beef and beetroot. ..........but both have to be in baguettes!

Would have too many favourites to name one, were I still eating them. But the list above is off to a bad start. First has salad in it, better to have a BT instead. Second has salad in it. It picks up a bit from there onwards, but 6 also needs to lose the salad.

Anything topped with a pickeld egg or pickled chillies.

I cannot understand cross it is tasteless 

Spread cheese and piccalilli

Blue Cheese and Apple must be on Malt Bread.

Difficult to pick a single favourite, but brie, bacon and cranberry is a strong contender, as is cheese and onion.   

Fried egg sandwich. Food of the Gods.


A hot pork sandwich with a swipe of gravy, a bit of stuffing on thick crusty bread topped with crackling is hard to beat

Corned beef & tomato, sprinkle of sea salt.

I also like really cold corned beef, pickle and tomato.

Depending on time of day 

Mature cheddar, marmite and either strawberry, raspberry or peach jam

Cream cheese, ham and orange marmalade on a baguette


Cheese & onion, cheese & pickle, salmon & cucumber, corned beef & tomato

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