Do you have a favourite sandwich shop?

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JB | 21:39 Sat 25th Oct 2008 | Food & Drink
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And if so, why?
One of my friends is just about to open one (lease signed, shop fitted etc.) and whilst her basic philosophy is fresh, made to order sandwiches with nice bread, crisp salad etc. she is keen (obviously!) to keep abreast with all things sandwichy! So when you go and buy a sandwich what do you look for? A particular filling (what's your fave?) or a type of bread/roll or extras such as soup, cakes, flapjacks etc. Any thoughts welcome!


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Thanks for that no.know - bad night?
Hey nono, that's a bit harsh isn't it? JB's only asking what sandwich filling you prefer.
I love coronation chicken and salad in a sandwich, my preference is white bread, not healthy i know but i find with wholegrain bits get stuck in my teeth. Had a lovely herby roll the other week toasted, yum yum.
Tuna mayo or egg mayo's good. For me anyway.
I have a favourite one locally and they offer different types of bread, rolls and pannini and loads of fillings. One of my favourites is brie and cranberry. Tomato, mozarella and pesto is also delicious and home-made cakes are also lovely. She should have a list of different sandwiches but have loads of fillings available so that people can choose their own as people can have some weird tastes.
My hubby sometimes has a tomato sauce sandwich.


no knowledge wot was that all about ? i was going to open one myself not long ago but i dont think its the rite time to invest in u know location location location,anyway it wouldnt be a bad idea to try copy some of subways breads etc,something along them lines with a better variety of fillings ,
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Thanks for the sane replies mrs c and madaboutcats! My question was just an attempt to find out about sandwiches that we buy, rather than make ourselves! Personally, I love soft cheese, watercress and apple on white bread but I wouldn't order one in a sandwich shop (they may think me mad!) So in a sandwich shop I would normally order something more 'mainstream.' Can't imagine why this offended no.know!
Argh, I wrote such a long answer but my internet crashed and lost it!

Home made soups are lovely and Nickys in Manchester make some which are more substantial as more of a meal.

Choices like wraps and pitta bread and different kinds of bread and rolls.

Jacket potatoes are great in winter and things like home made sausage rolls or cups of stew or similar as nice winter warmers.

I love salads made to order, the one I go in has a large counter where you chose what you want and it's made right in front of you and they have lovely deli ham, proper off the bone chicken and choices of rice and pasta and and couscous.

Hot carverys are lovely too, Katsouris always has a massive queue for theirs.

Strangely enough some of the biggest queues I see are for Gregs, always so much bigger than anywhere else!
Oh, she will be somewhere with lots of suits and big city workers who work late hours then something nice and homemade and substantial is a great choice as many can't be bothered to cook at home due to late hours and rely on a lot of convenience food.
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Bensmum - think you are right in having the fillings individual so that people can request their own weird and wonderful combinations! Hadn't thought about spuds or sausage rolls Jenna (duh!) but with winter on the way, hot food is good! And Tatu - what fillings did you have in mind?
A prawn and potato salad sandwich is scrummy.
I would definitely say Jacket potatoes as an option would be good. I'm a huge fan of good old cheese and beans on a jacket spud and love it!

for sandwiches, I love ploughmans sandwiches, and anything with cheese in!
Also things like egg and sausage sarnies for when its colder, and toasties with a variety of fillings! mmmm!
I make my own, more healthier, cheaper and bigger.
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yes trt - I do too (most of the time!), but there is a market for this - so what's your preference?
I never seem to get round to making my own so buy out for dinner.

I want somewhere nice but quick and convenient, no massive queues and getting stuff bagged with cutlery and napkins is great rather than having to fight my way through a busy shop to get some.

Meal deals are good and very popular. One of the places I go does a regular sandwich (ie not the fancy ones) with a can or carton drink and crisps or fruit for �3.00. I find you often get a meal deal even if you don't want it all, just habit so extra revenue.

The place I go does fantastic made in front of you salads too, for a regular for �2.50, you get a main (eg proper off the bone chicken, ham), two middle dishes like pasta and rice salads, couscous and sweetcorn and then general salad.

I love being able to choose exactly what I want eg no lettuce.

Omelettes with chips and/or salad are great but I guess harder to do in a sandwich shop setting.

A bigger choice of extras is great too, more than just the bog standard kitkats and towix's. I can get quavers and monster munch where I go which is great and things like canned vimto and lilt rather then the usual coke and such.
Hot pastami on rye bread with gravy ....
the most wonderful sandwich ...
but also real granary bread ..from a
bakery ..with strong cheese and english
tomatoes .. homemade minestrone soup
so easy to make but have it chunky it's
horrible when it's whizzed ..hope your
friend does well ...
Not really a particular filling but can I please request that you mention to your friend that she thinks about us vegetarians as well ! I know a lot of sandwich shops will make up cheese or egg sarnies but it would be nice to know that the cheeses used are vegetarian and the eggs are free range. However, my biggest bugbear is when the caf�s make up the sandwich or roll using the same chopping board and knives as they have used for the fish and meat sarnies..... The number of times I have seen caf�s slice say a tuna sandwich in half diagonally and then use the same knife to slice my cheese & tom sarnie... arghhhh... (think about it !)

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