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How Do I Stop Myself Going To The Fridge

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ladybirder | 18:04 Wed 24th Apr 2024 | Food & Drink
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for another Muller Light Toffee Flavour?  I'm hardly eating anything else for every meal.



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Don't buy the Muller light in

Ooops - the first place. That's how I stopped myself from eating loads of biscuits 

scatter small landmines around the kitchen?

I always tell myself I'll treat myself tomorrow 

A little bit of what you fancy....When you get fed up with them ( pardon the pun) you can have your regular food.

Just say no

Question Author

Just got a new delivery yesterday Helly:-(

Good idea jno so can you tell me where I can buy some.  Do you think Waitrose might stock them?

So will I Barry and the day after tomorrow. 

I like your idea Patsy.  Rxcuse me now while I just pop to the fridge.

i am having to do the same as you - except mine is greek yoghurt and granola

in the absence of landmines, small Lego bricks should do the trick.

Errmmm...think I'll stick to plain Greek yoghurt. Too many odd things in flavoured yogurt. 

Keep the stock in the fridge to a minimum and don't keep any treats in the house.

Question Author

I replied to all the last 4 posts but the answers have disappeared.  This is so annoying.  Sigh.  So I'll do it again.

Bednobs I'll have to try those they sound .

Jno I remember stepping on those in bare feet when my children were little. Ouch!

Pasta thanks, I shan't bother reading it because it would be a waste of time at the moment. I thought yogurt was good.  Must be the toffee.

I'll try Dave, I'll try.

padlock the fridge and give the key to a neighbour....if you don't stop buying them.....just think of your teeth and all that toffee and what it could be doing.....

In the absence of lego, a three-pin plug, points upward, is a splendid alternative - OUCH.

poor ladybirder, you lot are sadistic with strewing the floor with various 'objets'......

Question Author

If you're serious I really wish I could do that DTC but I can't.  My dog's food that I make up myself, beef mince, carrots and brocolli is kept in there over two days.

lol - take that mix for the dog and eat that, it sounds tasty - and feed the dog the toffee Muller.... Have you ever tried realk 'skyr' from a heavy, creamy , natural brick that you 'carve' a tranche off and mix with sugar and milk to your own taste and texture - and it's delicious.

I thought for a moment you said Miller Light.

I wouldn't drink a toffee flavoured beer.




Oh hang on. Perhaps I would.

Question Author

Will you stop trying to tempt me DTC please.  I don't need it I can do it myself.

LOL Hoppy.

Ahh lego blocks on the kitchen floor. That is how I manage to cook like Gordon Ramsey. I scatter them on the floor and take my shoes and socks off. The shouting and language is  @)?/!:#*  <.~# }[/#$%"! 

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How Do I Stop Myself Going To The Fridge

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