Gender-Neutral Changing Rooms Aren’T Safe — They Just Appease The Trans Lobby

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naomi24 | 08:57 Tue 14th Nov 2017 | Society & Culture
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says Miranda Yardley, who transitioned ten years ago. Absolutely right, say I. A breath of fresh air in an increasingly politically correct world. What say you?


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If I was a woman I think I would seriously consider any store with gender neutral changing rooms. What an open invitation to the local pervs,
^consider boycotting^
Question Author
danny, I wouldn't use them.
So which toilet would you like to see Miranda go to?
The one that caters for his/her present sex.
Actually, for that matter, which one would Miranda use herself? Can't help but notice that she doesn't address that, which -- well, I suppose it's her business rather than mine but all the same I was wondering if there's a sort of "I climbed the ladder the hard way and I'm jolly well going to make sure everyone else does too" attitude here.
Strolling in an announcing to all that 'I'm a laydee' a la Little Britain may stand a slim chance of working in a big city but folk like Travis are going to have to work a bit harder on their finished product if they're to stand a chance in the real world.
Toilets are slightly different really. Cubicles are private and tbh the ones I have been in are individual and the same as women's loos. They don't have urinals in them as well. I suppose the difficulty is when they have more than multiple cubicles.

I think that communal toilets and changing rooms are not as safe or comfortable for people whether they are trans or not. Young people in particular don't like to be looked at when changing. They are quite self conscious as it is let alone having men (or women I suppose for boys) wandering about.

Actually thinking about it I do disagree with communal changing areas but if say a man has already transitioned to female then I am in two minds. They are now female and should use the female facilities. But what if they haven't fully transitioned?

Hmm tricky. As I said on another thread it gets hard to define when one set of people's right interferes with another set. Who wins the argument? The set with the biggest % or the minority. Or the one that is arsey enough to shout loudest lol
perverts charter, end of.
I dont think it would present a safe environment, especially for young females.
Ideally they would have a separate gender neutral changing room, I'm sure that would upset some transgenders though. No easy way out of this one I dont think.
Transgender shops where all the changing rooms are neutral? im sure they could focus or specialise on a particular style to attract them.

Actually that would most likely upset as many as it appeases. Oh well.
I did it in the 70's and hated it....there is no way I would now use any shop or facility that has a communal changing room.....I want my own private cubicle thank you very much.
you can just imagine it can't you, a geezer like this decides he's female and goes into the girls changing at a leisure centre!
Gawd help us what happened to common sense?
So long as the cubicles have doors, not curtains, and are large enough to hold 2 people (Do I look alright in this?) I don't see a problem. No-one can "accidentally" walk in and no need to come outside the cubicle for a second opinion.
just read the article......well if she wanted to get herself in the paper, she's achieved that alright.....there's quite a lot of appeaser language in there too......

Oh and TTT must be feeling better because he's popped up with an "end of" cute.
i can remember once being next to the girls changing rooms and I noticed a hole in the wall. We were all concerned at first then we thought ***, let them look!
jim: "So which toilet would you like to see Miranda go to? " - well "miranda" is a geezer, so he goes in the gents, simples!
As far as I can recall, all the changing facilities in the stores in my local town are gender neutral, just a row of booths with curtains which anyone can use, what's the problem?
Question Author
I fail to see the justification in people who have a problem creating problems for those who don’t.
People have to go somewhere. So either you create facilities that everyone can, in principle, use, or you tell a not insignificant section of the population that they aren't really welcome, one way or another, in public society (because they aren't welcome in rather important public facilities).

Which is it to be? Or is there a compromise solution? But then this also makes the mistake of thinking that most people care. And, perhaps a touch ironically, makes the mistake of thinking that as soon as you allow transgender people the privilege of using the toilet, men everywhere will see this as an open invitation to throw on a dress as cover for sexual abuse. Odd, really. I thought it was the liberal left that were supposed to brand all men as, by nature, sexual perverts only a few seconds away from acting on base instincts.

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Gender-Neutral Changing Rooms Aren’T Safe — They Just Appease The Trans Lobby

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