Bribery Of Mps

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Hugh Spencer | 15:30 Wed 15th Nov 2017 | Society & Culture
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Have any of you heard about the MP for Exeter who has accerpted a bribe from George Soros, an Anerican billionaore, to extend his attempts to change the way our society is run? This has been mentioned on at least two chat shows. If this is not true or baseless, would welcome a denial from him.


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Not heard of this, a link would be helpful, plus the name of the MP.
The MP for Exeter I believe is Ben Bradshaw (Labour) former minister.
This is all I can find on the net, does not amount to much!
Maybe the word alleged should have been used in your Heading and opening paragraph.

Defamatory post in my opinion ?
There's some to-ing and fro-ing on Twitter

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Bribery Of Mps

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