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Which Top For Tomorrow?

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abbeylee90 | 17:31 Fri 26th Jan 2024 | Shopping & Style
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Pink came today so thought I'd try them on and see which looks better.



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Guess I wear pink shirt next week 

Is your new friend interested in ladies fashion ?

Question Author

Haven't asked 

Question Author

The man from dogs told me to let him know when I wanna go to lunch with him I didn't respond so if he asked again do I tell him about my date?


As advised many many times, either ignore him or respond with something like - I am going to be busy for the foreseeable future.

You do not need to tell him about a date.

Abbey, no - you don't 'have' to tell him anything, you don't even need to reply.

PS Why would you tell him about your date? And you surely wouldn't go out for lunch even if you weren't seeing someone? 

You would tell a friend about a date.

this man according to you is not a friend so don't tell him

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Ok that's fine I didn't reply to him and said I don't like eating to close to tea time 

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Obviously if I did become official with thus guy dogs home people will know anyway 

Surely that is a long way off - you have had 1 date!

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Yes it is 2nd date Friday 

Abbey, what does 'become official' mean? Does that go by the number of dates? And what does it matter if the dogs' home place gets to know that and tells the old guy? 


PS You mentioned using 'not eating too close to tea time' as a response. Why do you still feel the need to make excuses? 

Question Author

If I don't get back to him was hoping he might take a hint

I think that you should be honest with the man from the dog's home. Stop making excuses.Just say that you have a date. Then he might stop wanting to go out with you. Why on earth some abers keep referring to him as 'that old guy'. Crikey, he's only supposed to be in his 60s.

Abbey/  You've got to forget about the chap who worked at the kennels - concentrate on your new boy-friend - where does he work?

Andres it's how the op refers to him, mind old guy is better than some of the names he has been called!

// Ok that's fine I didn't reply to him and said I don't like eating to close to tea time//

If you didn't reply to him when did you make the excuse about not eating too close to teatime? As others have said you don't need to make excuses 

Especially as far as excuses go that is a terrible one!

because you don't just eat your next meal if you have eaten within a certain amount of time.

-- answer removed --

The man is persistant because he has received encouragment


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