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Which Top For Tomorrow?

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abbeylee90 | 17:31 Fri 26th Jan 2024 | Shopping & Style
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Pink came today so thought I'd try them on and see which looks better.



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Thank goodness, I'll sleep well tonight knowing you chose the right clothes. 

Well done girl!!

I'm really pleased for you, abbey.  That's lovely news.  ❤️

Roy @00:04


True Love? Who knew? Nobody knows. Hope he was F'ng Perfect.

Let's get this party started.


Looks promising Abbey.

02.46 Posting😊 Still dreaming of that lovely man, Abbey?

Hope this is just the start of a beautiful friendship x

Question Author

Yeah well whole point is to see if it leads to a relationship 

One step at a time, abbey.  :o)

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I'm really pleased for you Abbey, just take it slowly. 

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Do I give him my availability for our next date?

That makes it sound like you have a lot of other options!  Don't be too desperate but don't put him off because he may have other offers.  

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Is it a bad thing if he is still active on pof at times?

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Abbey, 'active on POF at times' isn't hugely significant. There's been only one date so far - he might be happy to see you again but won't know if you want that, he might not want to see you again. The 'at times' sounds more... dramatic, all he's done is not signed out, not left, POF in the last 24 hours. Have YOU left POF now?

Abby please don't chase after him.  Please don't worry if he doesn't get in touch.  If he likes you, he will.  Try to think of other things, go out with your friends, if he wants to see you again he WILL contact you.  Play it cool girl.  Don't get anxious about it. 

What's pof?

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He said last night he wants a 2nd date and we kissed last night. Yeah I did for abit and he did say he out with his friends today so I'm fine with that I'm out with mine Saturday.

I wasn't doing much so I joined for the halibut.

Thanks greyseal. 

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