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Which Top For Tomorrow?

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abbeylee90 | 17:31 Fri 26th Jan 2024 | Shopping & Style
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Pink came today so thought I'd try them on and see which looks better.



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How old is he abbey?

He is 29 Naomi

Thank you.

Question Author

Yeah I told him he needs to cancel the meal and I'm guessing he will be in trouble with his boss Monday 

Why did you do that, abbey?  Has he said the date cancelled because he's ill?  And how do you know he'll be in trouble with the boss on Monday?

Question Author

Because he booked the meal so he needs to cancel and I didn't say anything to him about his boss 

So he's cancelled the date?

I think Abbey told him to cancel the meal if he was ill.  Also if he was ill and slept in he may be in trouble with his boss if he didn't go to work.


Did you mention sharing the cost of the meal with him?  Maybe he can't afford to pay for you.  Just tell him you hope he feels better soon and you will wait to hear from him, so putting the ball in his court.  

Question Author

Well I wouldn't have minded if he said he couldn't afford and wants to amend but I can't amend for tomorrow anyway 

//Just tell him you hope he feels better soon and you will wait to hear from him, so putting the ball in his court.  //


That sounds about right to me.



Question Author

Tbh weather is awful anyway 

Have you thought he may think you have gone off him? I'm not sure why you told him to cancel. Perhaps you are having doubts about him

Question Author

He cancelled as he ill so I told him to cancel meal as he booked it

"Well he don't know I'm concerned as I haven't messaged him and checking he still wants to later is not needy if I don't keep on "

Your posts are not easy to follow abbey as you don't use punctuation and miss out words. I hope he can understand your phone messages. Do you actually talk/do video calls on the phone- it's a much more personal way of communicating.

Question Author

No we don't know but sometimes we in work. Do I ask when does he want to re arrange or wait for him

Assuming he's not working now until next week why not ring him, maybe tomorrow, and chat to ask if he's any better and discuss the next steps. It's better to talk person to person.


Question Author

Well how can I without meeting I speak to him via snapchat

You say you message him. I took that to be text/whatsapp message, or email or facebook message. Maybe you mean snapchat/whatsapp type of video call


Question Author


OK. I call that talking not messaging.


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