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nungate | 20:04 Sat 05th Jul 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Welcome to Mad Over Fifties Club, in light of the wonderful weather we have here at Nungate Towers, we're holding tonights meeting down on the beach.
The Tailcock tonight is the "Sandy Shore" (no strings attached!) just the thing to sip when barefoot!
We have set up the barbecue, and Luigi's Ice Cream van will be along later.
DJ Bert Fanackapan is just setting up down by the mooring for Polar Bear's 'Berg keeping things nice and cool.
Tonight's festivities will be whatever members decide they should be, all the facilities are available for members use, from the indoor pool in the dungeon to the bungee on the topmost Tower (beware of the piranhas in the moat when jumping)
A warm welcome awaits all who dare enter these portals

carriages at midnight

sorry in a bit of a rush tonight......


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Evening nungate. Weather up here a bit different from darn sowf. Positively chilly in comparison to what it has been. Even had two thirty second showers.
For the rifle I have 3 meringue nests, going out of date tomorrow, half a punnet of pink Belgian gooseberries (need eating soon) One bottle of elderflower cordial (too sweet for me) and four avocado stones (or is it pits?) ready for soaking prior to planting.
A Sandy Shore would be most agreeable.
Evening your nungateship, been a lovely day here to, a good job that it has really c'us it's carnival day in my village !.
So for the roffle I have 2 toffee apples ( well just the cores and sticks really ) one ticket for the dodgems ( fair leaves tomorrow ) and a fine bone china figurine ( won it on the hook a duck ).
Igor, my usual bucket of ''Sandy Shore'' if you please.
Question Author
I will arrange that Daisy. Good evening, I hope you are well and recovered from the trains and keys incidents! Been a bit preoccupied at the Towers this week, things outwith my control and for a control freak like me that isn't good! Will let you know all later.
Unsure if Igor will be making an appearance this week, will see if he's around (he doesn't like sand....)
Hi Tony. Now, about that weather forecast......
Question Author
Hey Tony, trust you are well, and not too stuffed with toffee apples!

Day started off pretty grim but has improved a hundred fold since this morning
That I can understand nungate. Sand does awful things to highly polished shoes (which I am sure Igor has). Can't be much good for his chains either.
Good evening Madame Daisy, Tony, sir, Madame.
I have donned my sand shoes and am ready to serve, for as long as I can stand this sand.
I have your buckets at the ready
evening all. I hope ' things' improve at nungate towers . is queenie well ?
Hi Tony. Now, about that weather forecast......

Hi Daisy, yep wrong again !.

Yes nungate, toffee apples, candy floss and cheeseburgers not necessarily in that order though.
Evening anne. Igor are you up for the sand dance later ?.
Lovely to see you Igor.
Missed you all last week. Did you have the scavenger hunt?
Question Author
Hey Anne, "things" will settle down sooner or later, it's just some stuff regarding my aged parent and the bane of my life (our lives) social workers!!! There are times....................
Queenie if fine, she's gone off out with her beau in her new(ish) car! Delivered on Tuesday and she still can't drive it on her own! Hopefully she will be able to dispense with the "L" plates soon.
Hi Anne.
Tony, toffee apple and candy floss, when is your next dental appointment?
It's good that she has her own car to practise in, nungate. Has she washed it yet ?.
September, Daisy !.
im sorry , it must be very difficult for you and them...........
I may indulge in a little sand dance later if Madame permits. Do you want to be Wilson? Kepple? Or Betty?
Errrrrrm Wilson I think, Igor. Better go and sort some sandals then.
Question Author
Just the nature of the beast Anne. It'll sort itself out in time.

No Tony she hasn't washed it yet - there's always tomorrow! She could turn out to be like our former neighbours brother, he used to take his car up to ford and wash it there! There are some very quiet country roads hereabouts with fords on them!
Interesting thought that, nungate. Blast through a ford at high speed and hope that the water is clean.

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