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What Would You Do If An Alien Landed In Your Backyard ?

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JDALion200 | 16:18 Sun 07th Apr 2024 | Jokes
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What would you do ?



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Have a world with my dealer.

Ask them if they'd like a cup of tea.

I would compliment them on their fancy dress, and then gently and politely explain to them that they'd obviously got the wrong house for the party.

They would ask to meet our leader.

I would introduce the alien to Larry🐈 who lives at number 10 Downing Street.



I would ask if they're lost.. and point in the direction of Coventry.

When we got on ship, I'd pull out something for the trip.

I'd let them know there's no fancy dress here, must have been given wrong address..

Dial 999

nothing absolutely nothing as I probably would not see it as it would most likely be too small


Am I Right ?

I'm Not Wrong !

I'd act surprised - I don't have a backyard.


Well, first of all, i'd learn to speak it's language - there must be something on the internet that would help me?

Then i'd explain to it that it's satnav had misdirected it and i'd take it to a shop near me where the owner knows everything about satnavs.

Then, just before it flies off to it's correct destination, i'd get a selfie of the alien and myself, just as proof. Otherwise my grandkids wouldn't believe me when i tell them about the encounter.

Tell him he is trespassing.

Interesting johnny. There was a Twilight Zone episode on very recently where it was clear the aliens were very small (and aggressive). There was, as usual, a twist at the end of the story though.

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What Would You Do If An Alien Landed In Your Backyard ?

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