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Nigel Is Really Rattling Them

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youngmafbog | 14:15 Tue 11th Jun 2024 | News
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Excellent, we see it on here, but this is more mindless violence from the left.

No doubt the usual will find this ok



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Yep if the Trobiscites, VBQC, 5C, anti British and general left wing eejits hate Lord Farage. He's doing something right!

Oh he's definitely rattling them!  He's scaring them witless - literally.  Morons!


if you have to ask untitled you are probably in it.

Why has TTT defected to the Reform Party....?? Is it because he knows the Cons are finished Big time this time. 

I have not defected to reform. I like Nigel because he annoys the VBQC, 5C, trobiscite enemy within.

Splitting the conservative vote.  What's not to like.

It must be tough being a populist.

Why do these idiots hate democracy so much?

14.40. Of course you have defected to the Reform party. You have not stopped Brown nosing Farage since he put up for Clacton .You have jumped ship because your Tory captain is steering towards the iceberg... you coward.

They need to resort to violence because they have no argument.  Expect more of this.

I just posted this on the other, older thread;

Common assault is when a person inflicts violence on someone else or makes them think they are going to be attacked. It does not have to involve physical violence. Threatening words or a raised fist is enough for the crime to have been committed provided the victim thinks that they are about to be attacked. Spitting at someone is another example.

The maximum penalty for assault is five years & this guy should get it. An example must be made before this stupidity gets out of hand.

whisper it... but is it possible that nigel farage isn't as popular as he is sometimes made out to be?

untitled 15.04 There's your best answer TTT. Go for it .

"The maximum penalty for assault is five years"

Not for common assault, it isn't. The maximum is six months, unless it's racially/religiously aggravated, when it is two years. 

You have to move up to "Assault occasioning Actual Bodily Harm" (ABH) where the maximum is 5 years (7 years if racially/religiously aggravated).

Nigel Farage surges ahead of Rishi Sunak in  the latest bombshell poll. And what does TTT Do ? Switches sides and defects to Reform .. Typical Tory can't face the fear of losing.

Gulliver, unless you think Reform will win you really haven't thought that through.  Do you?

If the maximum for common assault is six months it's still long enough for such idiots trying to interfere with an election to be jailed until after the election has taken place.

in other news - court case are being delayed for months if not years....

The only people rattled by Farage on this thread seems to be Naomi and TTT.... Because Reform are going to push the Cons off the opposition benches into a little corner of the commons just behind the Lib Dems and just in front of the it. Enjoy.

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Nigel Is Really Rattling Them

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