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Murderers Age 12

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naomi24 | 12:08 Tue 11th Jun 2024 | News
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On the day of the encounter with the 19 year old victim, one of them pulled the machete out of his trousers before saying to him, "keep stepping". Moments later the vicious attack began.


The youngest convicted killers since two year old James Bulger was murdered.   Chilling and utterly senseless.   More young lives destroyed - and not only those of the victims.



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I'm just speechless 😢


These children are obviously seriously mentally disturbed.

Dragged up by parents that shouldn't have even been allowed to have children. 

I just dont understand why, I really don't. Do they just get up and think I am going to take a knife out with me and kill someone.  What goes through their mind?? Just shocking. I could not imagine my children doing this when they were younger or even now for that matter. Life is so precious. 

Steeped in revolting gang culture.  This image of one of them says it all:

What kind of upbringing must the killers have had to feel they could treat another human like that?

Yes they see it online and the horrible violent rap music that infests the music scene. 


Dear God, most of us were riding our bikes and going apple plundering (hoping not to get caught) at this age.  Don't think I even knew what a machete was?  Something has gone seriously wrong with our culture.

Easy to point to bad parenting, gang culture, online content etc but these things are around millions of people and we dont have millions of killers.

I'd really like someone to independantly dig deep into this sort of case to try and get an understanding of why, although given it is rare that is unlikely to happen and there are probably not enough cases to draw anything conclusively from it.

So, really we are down to trying to prevent this.  Number one has to be "Were CHAMS aware"? amny do get picked up and locked up before anything happens so was anything paicked up by teachers, social workers, familly, friends?

Then we need to get to the preventative measures.  Firstly clearly no one needs a machette, so ban them.  Secondly get tough on knife crime.  Properly not sound bites or wishy washy justice.  Carry a knife min 5 years (served), brandish it 10, use it 25, kill someone real life no parole.  And repeat offences lead to the next tier of sentencing.  And to see that through tough Policing from a Police FORCE.  Stop and search must be done, if any copper abuses it then the copper goes not the stop and search.

But nothing will happen, we have 'ooman rights to contend with.  Whats the betting this pair are on the streets by the time they are 18?

It's not 'our' culture though, innit.

Good afternoon, is it about time that the parents are also punished?


12 yr old with a machete, i wonder what the home life was like with the parent or parents, you could say vilent video games, whatever drill music is? seeing older gang members as idols to look up to and emulate, it's not a video game, the vicitim wont re-animate.

You can't punish people for what other people do, including parents and their children. 

// is it about time that the parents are also punished?//

If you want to go down that road then you will have to allow parents to discipline their kids and return to kids with basic 'rights' (but even that wont always cut it).  But the liberals wont let you do that.

Having had one that was a Wild Child I can assure you that it is not always the parents.  Kids are sneaky and its virtually impossible to control them 100% once they get to age 11-12.  Above that its even worse.


It's astonishing how many kids and adults alike are walking around with a knife about their person. The father of the boy killed is absolutely right, kids are dangerous today.

Society is going downhill fast.



I saw the headline on a newspaper this morning regarding the two 12 year olds who have committed murder. I decided to read the account of the murder that these two "kids" carried out but only got so far. I honestly felt sickened at the horrendous treatment that these two "kids" dished out to their victim. I couldn't read all of the article and can only hope that they are both found guilty and get what is coming to them, although I have no doubt that someone will say "they didn't know what they were doing" and will get a lenient sentence. I feel sorry for the parents who have raised these two - what I want to call them I daren't put on here. I could go on and on - but what's the point ?? Sentencing guidelines will more than likely get them a short sentence - as far as I'm concerned they should be locked up and the key thrown away. Rant over.


does anyone know why they murdered this bloke? Was it just a random thing?

Yes, sadly it was ...

it is usually drugs ( not er wishing to nay-say anyone) but this victim seems to have been a 'homey' like Stephen Lawrence. Perps video's the bloodied knife.

You can't punish people for what other people do, including parents and their children. 

xc traffic offences - the keeper gets screwed if the driver runs....and stabbing, terrorism and explosives: if you dont tell the Police you may be charged with not informing. ( one case in America - mother was charged with allowing the five year old a gun, who then shot his teacher) oh  lardy daa... the modern world

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Murderers Age 12

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